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The Global Showcases

Global Showcases The

Discover the world dancing...

Every year we organise up to 50 shows worldwide to connect with our family from other cities. To discover the world and all its beautiful cultures while we dance and fall in love with life is something we will always be grateful for. Scroll down to explore The World of Babylon and our upcoming shows. Come find your family here, there, everywhere.



  • May18 The Gardens of Babylon – Zürich-SBB 18.05.24 zürich sbb werkstätte Tickets
  • May31 Jun01 Butterflies in Babylon | May 31 & June 1 | 2024 Tickets
  • Jul13 The Gardens of Babylon – Athens July 13 Anassa City Events Tickets
  • Jul20 The Gardens of Babylon – Basel, Switzerland Viertel Klub Tickets



In less than four years we were able to explore the magic of 32 places around the world..



We touched down in 20 countries to explore cultures and its people up close and personal..



More than 300 musicians took us on a journey to travel through time, space and sounds..