Back in February 2017, we took a train from The Hague to Amsterdam to go to a party. We knew nothing about The Gardens of Babylon, except that it had an Opening Ceremony & Meditation. We felt so curious about it and decided to go early to join. Once we got to A’dam, the snow was so heavy we took forever to arrive at WesterUnie and even though we ran in order to get there on time, we did not make it. So we just sat outside, wondering what was going on inside… What was all of this about?

A while later, the doors re-opened and we walked into a place with stairs lit up by candles, guiding us towards where the magic was about to happen. We were mesmerized by the colorful ropes hanging from the ceiling, the lights and all the glitter. We explored everything and danced for a bit with our friends. The place started to get crowded with people wearing shiny clothes and smiles, a very different vibe from what we were used to. The music was so different as well, Stavroz were playing and we did not know who they were. So we just let ourselves go and dove into The Gardens of Babylon… As the night passed by, it seemed as if it was just the two of us and we danced together… It just simply felt right. And in between all the glitter and the bass, something just clicked between us.

From that night, we got so close until we were best friends. And then lovers…

At The Gardens of Babylon not only did we find each other, but we also made amazing friends that have stayed with us throughout all these years. We have just found all kinds of love at The Gardens of Babylon.

Much love from both of us,

M&M’s (Marta and Martin)