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  1. Amar Perdao Spaniol 2:01
  2. Lundu de Santa Maria da Tempestade Spaniol 2:01
  3. Algernoia Brasiliensis Spaniol 2:00
  4. Nina Spaniol 2:01
  5. Papaya Azul Spaniol, Salvador Araguaya 2:00
  6. Sao Pedro Spaniol 2:00
  7. TUVANTANTAN Anstascia 2:00
  8. Can't Stop Loving You ft. Ámika Vander 2:01
  9. Aspiras Vander 2:00
  10. The Attraction Vander 2:00
  11. Electric Highway Carlita 2:00
  12. Movimiento Carlita 2:01
  13. Electric Highway (Concret J.B. Speech Remix) Carlita 2:00
  14. Electric Highway (Jenia Tarsol Remix) Carlita 2:00
  15. Electric Highway (Wild Dark Remix) Carlita 2:00
  16. Leslie Jacob Groening 2:01
  17. Kabir Jacob Groening 2:00
  18. Lguazu Jacob Groening 2:00

The Gardens of Babylon is an international movement that connects people through music & spirituality. A community that feels like a family creates experience events that combine musical, spiritual and visual dream effects to touch souls worldwide.

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