28th January 2021 –

Full Moon in Leo\\

-with the effect of:

The Sun Conjunct Jupiter \\

Venus Conjunct Pluto \\

Mars Conjunct Uranus and Square The Moon \\


Another intense full moon is asking us to slow down. There comes a sign from the sky to stop as we resist to stop and look around. The easiest way to resist is anger. If there is something you resist, you throw anger on it. So that nobody or nothing can come close to you. And you think that this solves everything. Sorry. It just goes down deep inside you and creates a deep wound. Slow down, look at that thing you have ignored for a long time. Even when you look it is going to start to heal. Because the only need is to be seen and be heard, for everything and everybody. Then slowly you will see all the anger will melt and the thing you escape will dissolve.



The main thing for the new age is adaptation. As you heal you grow, as you grow you understand what is changing in the world. Resistance has never been more restrictive. Break those walls of old beliefs. Flexibility is a major requirement going forward.



Be careful not to confuse ambition with passion. The same as with creativity and arrogance. Leo vs Aquarius. It’s a conflict of creativity vs innovation. Sounds weird. But the sky makes everything possible. Now it tests whether it is your passion to create joy for life or it is just an ambition for a new life to adapt the new technological age. Check yourself before the sky checks you. It might be staggering if it does.



Evolution can not come from ambition. It comes from your passion for life. Your creativity will support you to grow. Like when you were a kid. Find your friends and start to play. The real ones are always there you know. And they are always ready to play like the life is the lightest thing. Choose your side. Be light or be heavy.



These are the times that we really do not have a clue about what will happen next. So we have the anxiety of the unknown. Plus tension for this week. Because of these effects, there is risk about relationships and finance. Ego and so manipulation are on stage. To be decisive is dangerous if you did not choose your side wisely. Maybe it is better to wait for waters to settle.



Another thing you need to be careful is deception. When the full moon comes with a delusional effect, you need to manage your mind well enough not to be deceived or mistaken. The way to handle this is either to be creative or to connect with the source. Be connected with your soul and just keep in mind that your intuition can be illusory for now. So be centered and if you are not sure, do not take a lasting step.



Everything has a risk of being exaggerated. Be aware not to loose yourself in huge emotions just because their effects are multiplied. It is so important for all of us to be approved, to be admired, and  to be appreciated. Appreciate yourself first, look if you love yourself enough. Work for it. So that you will not wait to be seen by others. Exaggerate the goodness in you. Let go of the rest, let go of what keeps you from being in your power.


Surrender with wisdom.

Control with lightness.

Choose your side and shine with your passion.

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