From April 28 to May 1 you can join our very first edition of The Monastery in Mexico. In “The People of The Monastery” series we introduce the creators behind this magical weekend through a couple of questions. We are diving into The Spiritual Village. After our lovely conversation with Kareem, The Pyramid Yogi, and Elena Pushkina, we now explore the work of the loveliest Tatyana Voloshin & Nadia Taiga. Read about their path to “Biohacking with Plant Medicin”.

Tatyana, tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? What is your background?

Tatyana: “I was born in a bygone land, a country that once was but now exists only in memory – the Soviet Union. I spent my youth in Estonia – a country that only recently tasted the sweet morsels of independence. My bloodline is straight out of Game of Thrones as my DNA comes from two countries that are currently at each other’s throats – Russia and Ukraine. Through my experiences, I’ve come to realize that borders and nations are just human-made constructs, they’re like Monopoly pieces in the grand scheme of things, and what truly matters is the connections we make with others.

My journey has taken me through nine different cities, each imparting its own distinctive influence, yet it was the heartbeat of New York City that molded me. The unceasing dynamism of its streets and its cosmopolitan fusion of cultures invigorated me, its ability to weave nationalities and ethnicities imbued me with a strengthened sense of identity and engendered within me a profound capacity for empathy, enabling me to extend a welcoming embrace to all. The city’s very anonymity honed my resilience, and its transparency elucidated to me the significance of community and the essence of belonging.

As a career coach for the financial and tech elite, I’m like a GPS for the labyrinthine intricacies of their professions. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for me either. I hit a midlife crisis harder than a freight train, crying all the time, fighting weird moods, while watching my body fall apart. I couldn’t even walk for a year, my gallbladder was gone, and don’t even get me started on insomnia and indigestion. It was like my body was on strike.

I didn’t know where to run, until I came to Amsterdam for vacation. Yes, it all started with cannabis, a plant that I turned to for relief from chronic insomnia.

My mother suffered from the same condition, and when she tried cannabis for the first time, she finally found the rest she so desperately needed. It was life-changing for both of us. As someone who was always methodical and seeking to understand more, I wanted to learn more about cannabis and the impact it had on my body and mind. I began reading studies and articles, speaking to experts in the field, participating in advocate efforts, and exploring how I could optimize mine as well as others’ experience with the plant.

This led me to a broader interest in plant medicine and biohacking, which ultimately opened up a terra incognita world of psychedelics. Next came my personal nature revolution. I was not a spiritual person, and I had no interest in exploring the unknown. My attempts at meditation had failed. I felt lost in my own thoughts. But then, I discovered the power of nature. I started spending time outside, surrounded by trees and fresh air, and I felt a deep sense of peace and connection to the earth. Nature showed me the way, and I began to see the world in a new light. I realized that we are all vessels of knowledge, and that the natural world is the ultimate source of wisdom. I listened to the voice of the earth. I heard her call to me. It was as if she was speaking directly to and also from my soul.

I delved into the study of plants and their incredible properties, and I discovered the medicinal, supportive, nourishing, and essential benefits of many different species.

I became passionate about sharing this knowledge with others, and I dedicated myself to the cause of spreading awareness about the importance of protecting and preserving our natural world. Through my work as a biohacking coach, I strive to help others unlock their full potential and to reconnect with the power of nature. By embracing the principles of the nature revolution, we can create a better world for ourselves and for future generations.”

And what about you, Nadia?

Nadia: “My journey began in the depths of Siberia, a place where nature held the power and the wisdom of my grandmother was my guiding light. Growing up amidst a mix of pagan and shamanic practices, Soviet propaganda, and forbidden Christian traditions, I developed an open mindset and a reliance on my intuition. Some might have called me stubborn, but I knew that following my interests was the key to my survival. My childhood was filled with wonder and challenges, including the death of my mother and other family losses. These experiences taught me to view life as a precious journey and our presence in eternity as infinite.

As a young adult, my unique perspective on life led me to become a death doula, helping friends and their families embrace loss and transition through grief.

But my dreams extended beyond this, fueled by my step-mother’s love of art and my own passion for athletics. For a girl who lived in the middle of nowhere in Siberia behind the Iron Curtain in a pretty poor family, the Olympics seemed more realistic than the international art world. Throughout my journey, faith, trust in the universe, big dreams, discipline, and consistency have been my guiding forces. I have also relied on the power of biohacking through practices like hot steam, snow baths, and seasonal diet, as well as my connection to the divine energy and spirit.

After studying psychology and working as a psychologist with orphans, I found myself drawn to journalism and eventually became the publisher and editor-in-chief of a business and political weekly newspaper. I was involved in political campaigns against the Putin government in the early 2000s. But in 2009, I emigrated to the United States without my main tool, language. This led me to pursue my childhood dream of the art world, and I spent seven years living and working in Venice, Italy, organizing exhibitions at the Venice Biennale of Art and around the world.

Driven by my restless “gene of explorer”, I joined in 2019 as an Executive and Curatorial Director, exploring the potential of blockchain as a new medium for art by developing cutting-edge dynamic NFT art collections with renowned artists.

Throughout my journey, I have remained as “biohacker by nature” dedicated to healthy habits and caring for both my body and mind, valuing discipline and consistency in mastering new arts of life. Whether I’m pushing the limits of human performance through biohacking or exploring new frontiers in art, I continue to seek out new experiences and push the boundaries of what is possible, all while remaining true to my roots and the wisdom of my Siberian heritage.

Ritratti Nadia Taiga. © Michele Agostinis

Is this the first time you will be joining The Gardens of Babylon or The Monastery?

It is the first time we are joining The Monastery. And we are ridiculously excited about it.

What can you tell about The Gardens of Babylon?

During Miami Basel’21, we had the pleasure of experiencing TGoB’s party, and it was truly unlike any other. The music was phenomenal, but it was the overall atmosphere that truly captivated us. As someone who are attuned to the importance of set and setting, we were struck by the level of thought and care that the organizers put into creating such a magical experience.

We found ourselves drawn to learn more about TGoB and were introduced to Manon, who radiated a charm and energy that was truly enchanting. Everything, from the crowd to the lighting, felt like pure magic.

When ADE came around in 2022, we knew we had to plan our trip around TGoB’s parties. And it was an absolute blast. As we danced and lost ourselves in the music, we felt a familiar energy, like someone had tapped into our own secret juice. It was then that a DJ friend suggested that Tatyana meet Shishi, as they share some similarities.

After a Zoom meeting with Shishi, T. knew that she was someone we wanted to be around, work with, and party with. There was a spiritual connection that we couldn’t ignore, and we are grateful for the
universe bringing us together.

What are you providing at The Monastery Mexico?

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming workshop on “Biohacking with Medicinal Plants”. As passionate advocates of natural living, we are excited to share our knowledge and experiences with you. We’ll be bringing some incredible plant-based remedies for you to try, all of which are safe, effective, and backed by scientific research.

During the workshop, we will delve deep into the world of biohacking and explore how plant medicines can help us optimize our physical and mental performance. We’ll talk about the amazing benefits of different plants, from their ability to boost our immune systems and support our digestive health, to their power to calm our minds and enhance our creativity.

We believe that the key to a happy and healthy life is to live in harmony with nature, and this is what we hope to impart to our workshop attendees. We’ll talk about the importance of living in sync with the seasons, cycles, and rhythms of the natural world, and how this can help us achieve greater balance and well-being.

But it’s not just about feeling good – we’ll also be sharing practical tips and techniques for preparing for life’s big events, whether it’s a business meeting, an exam, or a festival. We know that these can be demanding times, both mentally and physically, and we want to help you optimize your performance and enhance your experience.

And perhaps most importantly, we hope to create a space of community and connection where we can all come together to learn, grow, and share. We believe that we are all vessels of knowledge and that by sharing our experiences, we can help each other reach new heights of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

We can’t wait to meet you and embark on this journey of discovery and transformation together!

What made you sign up for this edition?

Deep in the heart of Mexico lies a hidden gem, a place of beauty and wonder that calls to those who seek it. It is a place where the past and the present converge, where art and nature intertwine, and where the secrets of the earth are waiting to be unlocked.

For us, it was a serendipitous discovery. As we delved deeper into our work with medicinal plants and flowers, we were thrilled to learn about The Monastery Mexico addition. And when Tatyana revealed that she had actually been to the monastery before, it felt like fate was calling us to explore this magical place once again.

The location, San Miguel Allende, is like a dream world come to life. A town steeped in history and tradition, it is filled with stunning architecture, vibrant colors, and warm, welcoming people. It is a place where the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thin, and where the energy of the earth and sky can be felt all around.

As we prepare for this journey, we cannot help but feel a sense of mystery and excitement. What secrets will we uncover in this ancient place? What knowledge will we gain from the plants and flowers that grow there? And what stories will we bring back with us to share with the world?

Only time will tell. But for now, we are filled with anticipation and wonder, ready to embark on this new adventure and see where it takes us. 

Join Tatyana & Nadia and their Biohacking with Medicinal Plants on Saturday at 12:30 in the Spiritual Village. For more information on The Monastery in Mexico check the website.

Get tickets to The Monastery Mexico right here.

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