From April 28 to May 1 you can join our very first edition of The Monastery in Mexico. Time to introduce the creators behind this magical weekend. First up: The Spiritual Village. After our lovely conversation with Kareem, The Pyramid Yogi, we now explore the work of the loveliest Elena Pushkina. This adored Babylon sister, hypnotherapist and breath work facilitator is joining us once again with her magical offering: “Hypnotic Cacao journey”.

Elena, tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? What is your background?

Once upon a time… I was born in Moscow, USSR, and grew up at the time of perestroika and the crazy 90-s in Russia. I  was always good with numbers and the practicality of that led to my early path. By the age of 22, I graduated and was granted two honour diplomas in Economics. I started a successful career in that field.

However, I was also  good with people, born a traveller, a dreamer, an explorer, a connector and a communicator. As a child I played “travelling” with my toys- I created stories and adventures for them and then wrote /drew the book about them. I was fascinated by books and stories about travelling and adventure, discoveries of other worlds, real and mystical,  different cultures and realities. And I always thought about what makes people be and act the way they do.

I travelled around the World – to explore different cultures, traditions, attitudes and most importantly myself, to participate in and create events and festivals, to meet and connect with people, expanding my visions and network. I am blessed that I have seen about 90 countries and learned from the greatest teachers and experiences.

My lifelong passion for everything related to science and the power of the human mind, spirituality and mysticism along with a strong inner commitment to be the inspiration and a positive impact in people’s lives led me to the current extraordinary occupation.

That’s why my life journey led me towards Hypnosis – the tool that gives access to your subconscious. And Lucid dreaming – the unique ultimate state when you are face to face with your subconscious and opportunities here are limitless. At some point, I decided to make my passions my profession and put them on another level. I graduated from Hypnotherapy Institute in Northern California, USA and Jacquin Hypnotherapy Academy in London, UK.

Nowadays, I feel blessed to share the Power of Hypnosis, Breathwork and some other healing modalities by working with people, events and festivals all over the world. I made it my mission: “To support people to connect and establish special relationships with themselves, to empower and remind them about their own power and wisdom”.

Nowadays, I feel blessed to share the Power of Hypnosis, Breathwork and some other healing modalities by working with people, events and festivals  all over the world. I made it my mission: “To support people to connect and establish special relationships with themselves. Empower and remind about their own power and wisdom”.

Is this the first time you will be joining The Gardens of Babylon or The Monastery?

The Gardens of Babylon is my community and my family for years. I was a joyful participant in many events mostly in Amsterdam: “The Seekers of Light”  and others, also I was part of the team preparing one of the New Year’s events in Tulum, Mexico etc. I was there for the 1st and 2nd  Monasteries and it was my honour to be a part of the Spiritual Village at the 3d Monastery edition.

What can you tell about The Gardens of Babylon?

Wow… I can write a book about it. It is more than one of the best and most well-curated events, more than the most amazing musicians, more than opportunities to grow and expand yourself with an expansive spiritual program, it is even more than a community, it is a true family.

You know that feeling … as an example, one of the mornings at my first Monastery festival – I  woke up and on the way to brush my teeth  … I suddenly realized that I am in love just with everyone! Every person here! I could not stop smiling! Everyone meets you with a wide smile and an open heart.

What are you providing at The Monastery Mexico?

I will be offering a group session “Hypnotic Cacao journey” –  The Transformative journey that combines the Power of Hypnotherapy, BreathWork, Ceremonial Cacao, Intention-setting, Collective Energy and Oracle Card Guidance.

It is a great way to start the festival and to connect deeper with yourself and other beautiful souls.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for creating rapid and long-lasting changes, that allows us to work directly with the subconscious mind, which controls our deep seated beliefs and behaviour patterns and mostly rules our mental life. I love combining Hypnosis with different modalities that create the best impact.

What made you sign up for this edition?

I am grateful for any chance to spend time with my Gardens of Babylon family – the best people are getting together in the best surroundings to have the best time :), to celebrate life and contribute to each other’s growth.

Lately, I have been based in Mexico and it’s a blessing that the Monastery is coming to my second home. The 1st time of anything is always extra special and I cherish the opportunity to be a part of that magical Co-creation.💫💫💫

Join Elena Pushkina and her Hypnotic Cacao Journey on Saturday at 11:00 in the Spiritual Village. For more information on The Monastery in Mexico check the website.

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