The first online retreat exceeded our dreams and imagination. With 75 students of which 40+ joined the complete program, we dove into a three day flow where we processed, healed and transformed ourselves. We created an astonishing program of 32 classes with more than 20 Temple teachers. The beauty of this retreat lies in the fact that even though we were separated and online, the warmth and love we felt for each other and as a group is almost hard to imagine.
We truly believe there is a way to fully enjoy the benefits of a retreat whilst being online. For the Spring Equinox we return with a program that will elevate our vibration. Time to say goodbye to the darkness of winter and welcome the light within and around us.
The Temple of Babylon presents:
Transformational Online Retreat to Welcome Spring Elevated
Date: 19, 20, 21 March
Day 1 Friday 19 March: The Darkness
If you want to join the full program you are advised to take this Friday afternoon off. The Opening Ceremony takes place at 4pm CET in the afternoon. On this day we embrace the darkness and the darker days. By facing our fears, thoughts and demons we take the control over our lives.
Day 2 Saturday 20 March: The Switch
This day we practice how we turn the darkness even in brighter days into fuel. We move from the focus on what we actually think to how we react to thoughts.
Day 3 Sunday 21 March: The Light
On this day we experience a cheerful program in which we welcome the light. Meditate with a big smile on your face, enjoy the ecstatic dance, practice tantra alone or with your partner. We embrace the goodness in this world.
⭐ Teachers: To be announced.

Classes: To be announced.
⭐ Tickets are online: January 14
The Temple of Babylon