From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular
30th December 2020 –


Full Moon in Cancer\\ with the effect of:
Venus Square Neptune
Venus Conjunct the South Node \\


End of this year or a thousand year. Seems like this is the final touch before it is finished with a full moon. The last two days of this year have arrived! Full moon always tells us to let go. This time it is telling us with the effect of Venus and south node. Who would know that a year full of lessons about letting go will end with the power of karma? Last thing we would have to learn is going to have courage to put the full stop to 2020.



Don’t you still believe that you create your own destiny? You do create your life! Because all of us are the children of nature. So we are all artists. We are an artist that creates, lives and keeps alive. Because creation gives us the force of life. The light of love follows. Sometimes we need to die to be reborn. This year showed us how to die and be born day after day. So we know how to destroy the unnecessary things and be born out of its ashes.


Pack up.

Your old version’s serve is over. Let the last things go. Look at the relationship with yourself. Look closer. Can’t you see it? Then check the relationships around you. Maybe they damage the connection between you and your heart. If it is just the opposite; if you see they support you to stand still, make sure you admire it. Show your gratitude. Know that you are worth it. So just accept to be loved as you are. But never settle for less. Never settle for less than anything makes you feel worthy. Stop to stay in a space where you feel loveless.



Be careful about dizziness this week. Neptune has the numbing effect on us. Deception is possible. Be aware if you are addicted to something or someone. Do not be sorry to realise it. Find a way to quit it. Life is not about addictions and habits. It can all change. You can have another life at any time. The only thing you need is to decide and move forward. You have the will power. Being addicted to someone sometimes can be more dangerous than to be addicted to a drug. Be aware.


Never too late.

It’s all in your hand. Time is now. Do not wait for the right time or a confirmation. Your heart is going to give you the best confirmation. If it does not work, you can feel it in your chest. Most probably you feel it many times and ignore it. Do not blame yourself for the past. When you realise something you will have the chance to fix it now. It can never be late or early cause divine timing is uncontrollable. And it works for your highest potential.


Say No.

Do not exaggerate the compassion to the others. Your priority should be yourself first. Yes, your family, your loved ones deserve to be cared for. But remember if you do not care yourself, there will be no one to care for them. Keep your balance between your emotions and your mind.



Your talents. Connect with them. It will bring the belief that ‘you are the creator’ again. Then you can realise your heart. It might be hard to connect with your heart for you if it is aching now. It can not be healed without going through the feelings. So just keep feeling it even if it is bitter, eventually it will become better. Think about why you are having this bitterness. And grow and bloom from that point.



The new version of you is coming. Peel of your shells. Let go of the last heavy burdens. They are not yours. Let them go so that you can feel the lightness again. Light enough to fly high. Like when you were a child. So get naked to get dressed better again. It seems hard but remember you have done it many times.


Be positive.
Release with creativity.
Rise from the ashes to the stars.
Rise beyond your imagination.

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