So here goes.. Completely unexpected with parts of Europe opening up. But here is the announcement we all dreaded. Unbelievable but true, we are again the bearer of bad news. We have reached the point that we need to do large investments for The Monastery 2021 while we stand without any guarantee it will actually happen in Germany. We find ourselves strangled in restrictions and without any insurance policy or state coverage for when it will not happen. A risk we can not take.

For months we have been hopeful. Hopeful that this bloody pandemic could be contained. That it would not last as long as it did. THAT IT WOULD END. We miss you all so much and we were looking so much forward to reunite after this bizar times. To hug thousands of people for hours and days. But yes, we are in fact again devastated to tell you that we will postpone The Monastery once again to 2022.

What do we do next? We will set up  “the save or refund your ticket” system over the next weeks. Again if you choose to keep your ticket you are not only amazing, you save yourself the stress of getting your hands on tickets next year. This year an astonishing 90%+ kept their tickets, which means that the chance to get a ticket next year could be exceptionally small.

We will have a long time to prepare this return of our family festival, we will level up the line up, involve a lot of family members for side programming, have an extra field for adventuring and a TON of plans. Once it will happen it will be beyond any of our imagination.

What can we say.
Our team will find another spark to work on. It’s been months since we have been working on creating experiences for the family. We have some gatherings in store for you in the near future. Some small, some bigger, some in Holland, some abroad.

For now, keep an eye out for the email on how to proceed with your tickets.

We love you. We have the whole day to personally answer any questions or concerns. If you want to share anything. Please reach out to me or Manon via the link below.


Shishi & Manon & the rest of the team