New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Gemini

From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular

10th June 2021

New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Gemini with the effect of:

Mercury & North Node Conjunct The Sun & Moon\\Stellium in Gemini\\Neptune Squares Stellium in Gemini\\

This is a new moon for us to start a new chapter of our lives. Eclipses affect our lives for six months. With the lunar eclipse and the last full moon, we started to get rid of the burdens we carry to live the life that truly belongs to us. And in this coming period, we will see that nothing will be the same as before. As we’ve talked about since the beginning of last year, big change has come, whether we admit it or not. Now it is time. Time to feel calm before the storm. A New Moon Solar Eclipse is always super potent for going forward. It is a game-changing period of our lives. As individuals and as a world, we are welcoming the new era.


You might feel a little numb. As if it’s an illusion that you are living right now. It’s like it never happened, but it came and sat in the middle of your life with a very real feeling. Think about how we all feel stuck, and nowadays it seems like we’re in a nightmare. We all wait to wake up. But we want someone to wake us up. No!

We can only wake up from sleep with a very conscious state on our own. So, be centred, Neptune is with us on this new moon. It wants us to be creative or to connect with the higher self so we won’t feel dizzy. Do the work to connect with your essence. Furthermore, take your time alone, look within. Ask yourself questions. Where are you in your life? Are you really satisfied with it? What is happiness to you? What is joy to you? Do you have joy in your daily routine?


Remember when you defined life. Maybe you decided that it is boring. Shake your mind before life shakes you. Be careful about Mercury retrograde. It is not a perfect time to make certain decisions but it is an opportunity to release your unnecessary thoughts. Let what makes you uncomfortable out. Feel that uncomfortable state in your body. Where is it? Why is it disturbing you this much? Talk to your mind as well as your body. Tear those negative thoughts away. Replace them with positive ones instead. Believe that you can achieve what you dream.


Communication in all meanings matters now. Create more connections in every way. Use your knowledge. Subsequently, add new ones to your life. Get and give information. Learn, teach, exchange ideas. Above all: connect with people as much as you can. Realize how many people in your life are around you. How many of them are in the first circle? Connect with neighbours, siblings, close friends. Networking is not just for business. It is an emotional support to have love around you. And it is the most important thing to be together. Remember we all can heal together, grow together, live together. It is always better together. We humans were created for communities. The age of Aquarius will bring humanity back. Start sharing love by making more connections.


You can start new projects with this powerful eclipse, just keep Mercury retrograde in mind. Start something you have already started before. You can make plans for the brand new ones. Reconnect with people to heal your relationship. You have the courage within you to change the world. Start with your life.


Additionally, there are other ways of communication. Write if you can not speak. Moreover, write even if you can describe your feelings by speaking. Writing is a way for us to bring out our inner words. In fact, it is communication with our heart. When we write meditatively, our minds turn off and our hearts begin to speak. Hands are very natural parts of our body to release our emotions. Type your real words and then you can speak them out loud.

Create a new chapter in your life.

With courage.

And with devotion to your essence.

With love for all the living creatures.

Commit to heal yourself for the world’s highest good

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