Katty Heath

Originally from England, Katty Heath has been living in Amsterdam since 2011. Her career as a professional singer/songwriter spans 20 years. Alongside her career in the music industry, she also teaches piano and provides voice coaching. In more recent years, she became more interested in the healing power of singing and music. Subsequently, she created ‘Find your voice’ workshops, offering them at various festivals and events. This was mainly with The Gardens of Babylon, where she also led mantra singing circles. 

Traveling to Bali last year, she trained with world-class Sound Healer Shervin Baloorian, a graduate of one of the world’s foremost sound healing academies Tama-Do. She now provides Sound Meditations for groups or one-to-one sessions, incorporating her voice as part of the journey, along with a variety of beautiful instruments from around the world. Moreover, she also continues to give voice workshops or private lessons with a more holistic approach.

Check out where her next workshops will be scheduled by checking her business page Moonsong Soundhealing and Voicework