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The Monastery

Monastery The

By The Gardens of Babylon

Once per year...

We gather all our global family members for a reunion at our weekend festival called The Monastery. This beautiful gathering takes place just across the border of Germany and is the perfect way for all to go into depth. Into depth with friendships around but also personal exploration. With endless music, and an extended spiritual program it has proven to be the most favourite weekend of all.

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Endless music

We team up with more than 70 musicians to provide 4 days of music.

Spiritual Village

We gather the most amazing spiritual teachers to dive deep into spirituality.

Cultural connection

We welcome people from more than 130 countries onto the grounds.

Explore our world

We have workshops, amazing food, an incredible market and more.

What is

The Monastery

T he Monastery Festival Experience is one family weekend combining a massive musical line up with spirituality, teachings, visual dream effects and endless adventures to explore. Happening yearly at the last weekend in July on the magical monastery grounds at Kloster Graefenthal in Goch, Germany, right at the border between Germany and Holland, this festival experience brings together all dearly beloved pillars from The Gardens of Babylon. Needless to say, the great start into this life-changing long weekend is an Opening Ceremony with special welcoming speech and guided meditation before the spectacular manifesto is transitioning into a full program offering it all. Next to an absolutely stunning musical line up you can dive deep into workshops, talks and other activities around the topics spirituality and mindfulness and especially into the beautiful and mind-blowing community around you.

Besides the full program which leaves nothing to desire, The Gardens of Babylon makes it extraordinarily easy for you to easily connect with all human beings around you on a deeper level since the yearly family reunion is only hosting around 3.500 people.

With measures such as on-site waste separation, a strict leave no trace and bring your own cup policy, organised ride shares, glitter girls only using biodegradable glitter and much more, The Gardens of Babylon is adding more and more sustainability measurements to control the environmental footprint of their community.

Special card readings, tantra workshops, fire shows and dozens of other beautiful adventures as well as yoga, pilates and more opportunities to stay fit and healthy are every year only waiting for you to explore. On the affectionately called Market of Curiosities, you may spend time carelessly and lose yourself in the most beautiful creations from headpieces to kimonos and more that this worldwide community has to offer.

The Monastery Festival Experience is your opportunity to play, learn, listen and indulge. The only thing you need to do is close your eyes and hear the music, feel the vibe around you and the sun on your skin, walk the stargazer walk and let yourself be surrounded by like-minded, buoyant, kind and tolerant people which will show you around and most likely turn into friends for life, a worldwide family-to-be that is waiting especially for you…