Shift Meditation

Stacey Griffin, known from our opening meditations, and her Shift Meditation launched a 3 month Sound Therapy practitioner training. This is a certified and virtual course so it’s open to all anywhere in the world and kicks off on March 20, 2021.

The course is designed to teach you everything you could possibly need to practice sound therapy and start a purpose-driven business. 

After 6 years of working professionally as a sound therapist, artist, and meditation teacher, 500+ sessions, ceremonies, workshops and performances with many thousands of people around the world, Stacey feels now is the time to share all her learnings from her journey with you. Her intention to help you find your unique voice and share your gifts with the world.

Her approach blends culture with wellbeing and science in a way that is accessible to everyone. The art, the science, and the spiritual aspects of sound healing are all important to her and this course covers it all.

Included in this intensive 12-week journey:

-3-month mentorship with Stacey
-6 x 90 min. group Zoom calls (9 hours total)
As well as, over 70 on-demand videos, presentations, documents + assignments
And much more…

You’ll be learning:

-How to effectively use 9 instruments including the voice
-How to work with groups, 1-1 sessions & corporate clients
-The spiritual & scientific lowdown on sound therapy
-How to work with energy (yours & your clients’)
-The practical side (how to setup online sessions, buy instruments etc.)
-How to structure your sound bath or private sessions
-How to launch, expand & market your business
And more

The group size is limited, so if you’re interested, please check the link provided. Via the site you can also schedule a free 30 minute call to ask questions and discuss whether this training is for you. Enjoy!

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