New Moon in Aquarius

From the Sky to the Earth / by Ceyda Tavukçular

11th February 2021


New Moon in Aquarius with the effect of:

Venus Conjunction Jupiter\\Mercury Square Mars\\Great Conjunction in Aquarius\\

It is the official start of the Age of Aquarius. We have six planets in the sign of revolution, technology, education, information, evolution, humanity, friendship, community, socializing, freedom, intelligence, and uniqueness. Aquarius is an air sign which creates space for us to fly. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are in conjunction with the New Moon in Aquarius. Even asteroid Pallas decided to join them in this big meeting.



The age of innovation has come and the world has changed a lot already. It will not be the same again in a good way for all of us, individually and collectively. Due to the nature of transformation, we will confront challenges. The light will come through these challenges. There’s the saying that goes: “Enough is enough”. The last few years have been full of challenges for many of us! This time the struggle will not end unless you welcome a real transformation. If you have lessons remaining untouched, you may still feel stuck. We all need to understand that we have to deal with the things we have been ignoring for so long. We need to accept the reality of healing things we have been holding on to. Only then we can get out of feeling stuck.



Our minds are more intense than ever. It’s important to realize what we really need to focus on. Try to tap into your feelings and discover your desires. This will give you the ability to create your reality. First, try to find your essence. Otherwise you will become lost. When you don’t know which direction to go, how can you create peace in your heart? You are encouraged to dream big, as it’s time to manifest your essence. Your thoughts will try to distract you, but remain calm. Meditate, as stillness will help you hear yourself. To understand what is happening within and outside of us is the biggest value that supports us to grow now.



Spend time attending to your wounds. Do not ignore them. If a wound is aching, it’s trying to say something to you. Look after it, feel why it is aching, hear why it’s there, and grasp what it’s trying to say. These times can be a milestone. Do not miss an opportunity of a lifetime just because it’s scary to heal your wounds. It’s easier than diving into deep water. Soon you will be able to breathe underwater, knowing you can do it more often. You can always get out of the water when you need to. If you are in control of your life, you can decide whether you want to be in or out of the water. Control is only achieved when you choose to be brave and look after unattended wounds. If not, external factors may throw you into the water unexpectedly and the situation can be harder to deal with. It takes courage to take control of your life.



Look around with a mindfulness state. Find an artistic way for your thoughts. Express them with creativity so they can’t disturb you. Thoughts need to be reflected, so reflect them as they come from your heart. It’s time to connect art to intelligence. Combine them in a way of love, to let this bond you with people. Expand your communications, as the world is huge and full of opportunities. Discover them, and you will feel the belonging that makes you experience the incredible power of light.



Friends are gemstones in our lives. Care for them and be extra kind to them, really Listen to them. These days, the new ones will join your ride. Communication is key for this new moon as Aquarius is the boss. The air signs want us to communicate in order to unite, to be one as a whole. The journey is more fun with others, so dream together. Find your tribe or tribes and create communities to make your wishes come true together. It always feels better when we are together. Feel that power of company. Like the planets above us now.


Know that there is always hope.

Know the worth of this Aquarius conjunction.

Make it a turning point in your life.

Recreate yourself with this potent new moon with mercury Retrograde.


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