Zigan Aldi – Nebelmaschine EP

Release Date : 30. April 2021
Format : Digital Download

Zigan Aldi – Nebelmaschine

Berlin legend Zigan Aldi joins The Gardens of Babylon label family with ‘Nebelmaschine’

Release: April 30, 2021

Zigan AldiOnce the smallest shepherd in the family, Zigan Aldi’s life journey has taken him from rural Turkey to bustling Berlin. For over ten years, Aldi has combined handmade acoustics with deep club sounds resulting in a slew of eclectic compositions. These compositions have featured on labels like True Colors, Underyourskin, Souq, and his own Kamai Music. His live performances, often complemented by a merry band of anarchist gypsy pirates, have travelled to the likes of Sisyphos, Ritter Butzke, Katerblau, and Heart Ibiza. With an ambitious sound synergy drawing from the Balkans, Orient, and dancefloor, Zigan’s output is both organic and atmospheric. Never has this sound been on better display than with Nebelmaschine.

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Nebelmaschine is a creation of escape. Composed along the Baltic Sea coast, its atmosphere draws from cold and fog, as well as nature and silence. Featuring City of Babylon as its A-side, the hybrid of old and new immediately hits. It is a celebration of heritage and history, holding sonic and philosophical roots in Anatolian culture. Then, the eponymous B-side takes things deeper, driving through the dancefloor en route to euphoria. As a single track, it is compelling and introspective, but it is also something more. It is a testament and tribute to music, history, and civilization. An odyssey through sound and a letter of gratitude to the music makers of yore.

With Nebelmaschine, Zigan Aldi provides The Gardens of Babylon’s fourth release of 2021. Joining Spaniol, Mâhfoud, Amine K & Kadosh, Nebelmaschine is another trip into the spiritual side of dance, and a personal document of contrast and culture.

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