Spaniol- Suites do Amar LP

Format : CD

Spaniol- Suites do Amar LP

The Gardens of Babylon Opens 2021 with Spaniol’s New Mini Lp 

RELEASE: January 29, 2021

(Amsterdam | NL) São Paulo’s Spaniol opens up the new year with the first 2021 release from The Gardens of Babylon: Suites do Amar (eng. Ocean Songs About Love). After a year of worldwide uncertainty, the multi-instrumental Brazilian draws from his own personal experiences to bring a 6-track mini-album compiled of universal themes, familiar emotions, and fresh perspectives.

As the creator and resident of Colectivo Sonido Trópico of São Paulo, Spaniol is a staple of his city’s local scene. The collective’s transcendental parties have brought the likes of Rampue, Oceanvs Orientalus, Xique Xique, Holger Heckler, and more to the city center while also traversing the world from Tulum to Tokyo. As a lifelong musician, Spaniol’s introduction to electronic music evolved from a background in classical guitar and flute as something of a “happy accident” whilst in his teens. Good thing for us though, as this current sound draws from all that surrounds him and has been featured on labels like Sol Selectas while gracing the stages at Katerblau, Sysifos, Heart Ibiza, De Martkantine, and Public Works amongst others.

With elements of Classical, flashes of Brazilian Pop, Jazz, Samba, Caimbó, combined with both analog and digital percussion, the sounds of Spaniol are narrative, edgy, and undeniably energetic; Suites do Amar being a perfect example. Created on a secluded family property on the veritable island paradise of Ilhabela, Suites do Amar is a narrative about loss and rebirth, familiarity and uncertainty, companionship, and seclusion. It encapsulates what all of us have felt throughout the past year, written in the micro and personal but representative of a macro reality.

The Lp kicks off with the poetic musing on love and forgiveness, Amar: Perdão before the Brazilian classical-inspired Lundu De Santa Maria Da Tempestade represents the coming storm. At its halfway point, Algernoia Brasiliensis starts to lighten the atmosphere through the realization of colour and life – a yellow/purple flower only native to Ilhabela. Then, an ode to a trusted companion and loyal company, Nina (aka Spaniol’s beloved Border Collie) reminds us of life’s little pleasures. Papaya Azul then sees Spaniol team up with longtime friend Salvador Araguaya on the ode to all things blue jazz. Finally, after 6 months on the near entirely rainforest-clad island, São Pedro welcomes both Spaniol and listeners back to the mainland and the familiar with a fresh perspective and open heart.

After 2020 saw releases from Anstascia, Carlita, Jacob Groening, Vander, as well as the second annual The Monastery Compilation, The Gardens of Babylon now welcomes Spaniol to its label family. With Spaniol- Suites do Amar LP, he reminds us that regardless of what comes our way, it’s just life. Storms can be weathered, what’s lost can be found, and the things we hold dear may be the simplest pleasures of them all.