PREMIERE: Nootropic by Franca

Hello lover, i
t’s spring in Berlin! And as we are watching people passing the office in the blistering spring sun, we come with exciting news. We are extremely happy to lift your weekend with a beautiful premiere. In comes one of two stunning tracks of a new EP; Nootropic by Franca.

The EP “Microdosing” honors its name and takes you on a mini trip. Travel with the German beauty on a deep and grooving jaunt. Like other musicians the past year, Franca took a turn downtempo. But she leads you to a land of curiously uplifting downtempo. An EP that proves that slow(er) can still create a rush. We absolutely love it!

Featuring two original tracks “Microdosing” and “Nootropic” and a remix of each (care of David Hasert & Francesco Mami and Philipp Fein), the EP is accented with just the right amount of simmering sleaze to bend you sideways. Wander deeply, lovelies—and don’t forget—low is the new high.

Franca – Microdosing EP out on Brazilian label Tropical Twist Records.
Release Date: April 6th 2021


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