Full Moon in Libra

From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular

28th March 2021


Full Moon in Libra with the effect of:

Sun Conjunct Venus & Chiron// Grand Trine- Moon & Saturn & Mars

The sun is opposite to the Moon again. Opposite energy always tells us the things we resist. If we have a resistance it means there is a strong reflection for the things we want to hide or suppress or ignore. Recognizing them means taking one step ahead for transformation. Full moon; right after the official start of the year with the equinox, just before a great kick-off for new beginnings with the new moon.

If you are ready to start,  this is the last chance to leave behind what you don’t need to carry along this year. Libra means liberation, justice, balance. It is opposite to Aries, the sign of the warriors. Fight for your freedom. You will feel free when you leave the emotional and physical burdens that you carry. Beyond that, you will be free to live your own life. Without feeling guilty or blaming yourself for everything and caring about what others say.


You do not have to seek approval anymore. Not everybody needs to like you. You do not have to please everybody. It is impossible. By chasing something unattainable, you end up giving your independence to others. Respect yourself. Remember who you are. Show that real you to the world. You do not deserve to fade away, so shine bright with your wisdom. Yes, we all have wisdom within us. Different kinds of wisdom make us unique.


We all have something to bring into the world. Where is it? Where is that magical feeling that makes us feel worthy? Worthy enough to be loved. Where in the journey did you get lost by living without awareness. Now it is time to shake it out. A year has ended with so many lessons. The biggest one: the world has to return to its essence. Our bodies that we have forgotten for a long time, our thoughts which became automatic, our spirit which we never realized before rules our life. Align them with a conscious mind that represents your imagination and reflect it to your body. Act like you are the creator. So you are. You are the leading artist of your life.


You need to break your old patterns. First, accept they are old. We are starting a new year. New means leaving behind the old. Of course not all of your patterns. You continue with the necessary ones. But the ones that make you feel gutted, are not the ones you want to keep in your journey any more. Continue with new attitudes. Do something different to quit your old issues. Then a breakthrough moment will follow. To your highest potential, to the real you and the real worthiness that you deserve.


Healing energy is at the door, welcome it. Welcome the most important guest you can have in this life. It might leave a bitter taste. Maybe it brings a bit of pain. Maybe this sounds not so good but it is for us to grow. Just dive into it. And see the water taking away what you want to let go. Libra represents relationships. We have Chiron with Venus in this opposite full moon energy. Sun and Venus with Chiron in Aries are opposite to this full Moon in Libra. They are together to heal our old relationship wounds. Maybe we will carry them many lifetimes. Maybe we will have those wounds just in this lifetime.

Either you have a relationship or not, you will feel like working on that wound so it can free you from your old patterns. Again; do something different to break old patterns to change your relationship status into a new phase. Heal the past by opening a space for the new one.


Do not isolate yourself from the feelings you have. Think about the words you affect in your daily life. Do not isolate yourself from life or from people who are close to you. No matter what, the only thing we need is connection and communication. We can heal with love, from our communities. During hard times, give yourself a hug, from your heart! Hug the trees, embrace as many beings as you can. Know that you are not alone. Find a balance between being alone and being together with others.


Communicate in an artistic way.

Use your creativity to connect with life and people.

Change your attitudes in a way of love.

Say “I” without forgetting “Us”.

Leave behind the old, get ready for the new.


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