New Moon in Aries

From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular

12th March 2021


New Moon in Aries with the effect of:

Venus Conjunct Sun & Moon\\Chiron Conjunct Mercury\\Stellium in Aries\\

The abundance of life, new moon in Aries. It’s spring, the time to blossom. The sun is shining. We have the power of fire now! Come on! Show the world who you are. Show them how you can climb the highest mountain when you love yourself. Think about yourself being a worthy person. Because you are. Accept yourself first so that people can accept you as you are. Because who you are is really important to this world. Your unique individuality is important to the whole. If you wouldn’t be here, there will be a great missing.


Every teaching confirms that spring is the time when nature blossoms. We are nature, we blossom like nature. From the seeds we have planted for weeks. We closed the past year and started a new year already. For many things, we have expressed our wishes. We have planted seeds. Spring may also bring some water. There will be some rainy days for our souls. But remember teardrops are for healing. Let the water cleans every piece of you. After the rain, the sun will shine again. It will shine for us, showing that we can do the same. We can vanish into the dark and get lost. Sometimes it can be really hard to be in the dark. But after every darkness, light is there for us to rise up and shine bright!


Chiron is here with us in this new moon. With the Mercury, it points to the communication wound that still hurts us. Let yourself heal from that conversation. Maybe you overthink it. Maybe they were just words. But now you hear those words without feeling. The feeling caused by these words can become hurtful or healing. Let the other one show you their feelings. Either with words or actions. Heal that sore to shine again.


Be the leader of your life. Like an Aries. Prioritize yourself. Nothing in your life can continue without you. Remember it in your everyday life. Take good care of yourself. Teach people how to respect you by respecting yourself. Set an example with the effort you put in to create your life. Every moment creates your life. So keep that in mind from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. The words you speak, the thoughts you have, the food you eat creates the environment you are in. Be aware that you are leading your life every moment. Do it in a way that you can feel satisfied. Do it with self-love.


Nature has been changing. People have forgotten that nature is our home. Know that you are able to create your habitat. You don’t have to adapt yourself to this forgetfulness just because everybody is like that. When you hurt yourself by restricting your freedom this way, you do the same harm to others, even to the whole world. You have the power to change the pattern you think is wrong instead of continuing the order. Act upon the things you believe in. Act for nature. So that you can feel like it will be your natural habitat. And think the same way about your own life. We are all the leaders that need to keep that fire in us sustainable.


Act with the fire of spring, act for the plants that you seed, and act for your wishes to come true. It is the most beautiful period of the year that you can trust and flow. Time to stay focused on our wishes. Remember freedom comes with dedication. Remember what the commitment you choose is for. Then run after that. It will give you satisfaction when you do your best.

Do your best for your own life to blossom.

Then life will be yours.


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