New Moon in Taurus

From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular

11th May 2021

New Moon in Taurus with the effect of:
Mercury Trine Saturn & Conjunct North Node\\Stellium in Taurus\\

The new moon in Taurus is here and we get another chance to start fresh with the power of mother nature. Taurus; the earth sign grounds us. Time to let your dreams come true. Get a kick from the earth element to realize what you truly want. You have made those wishes because you in your heart knew they could become reality. Now is the time to start actually making them real.


During this period we connect with both earth and air elements. Combine these two elements so that you do not get into conflict with them. The air element represents the mind, communication, and action. While earth represents stability and grounding. We need them both. We need to be grounded to fly high. Imagine beyond reality but return to your roots to remain real.


There is always resistance within any conflict. If you get stuck with a contradiction, it will block your growth. You might start feeling indecisive or unstable. This means you hold resistance to something that will serve you. Try not to decide with your mind. Try to do it with your heart. If you feel like you have lost connection, just focus on restoring it with your soul. Because it is always there, you always know how to get there. The only thing is, you have so many excuses when the subject is your feelings. Remember how we dealt with an intense full moon two weeks ago. So we know deepness from the surface is scary but not a big deal once you go through. Do not resist that feeling of change. It is here for your evolution.


All of us are living our own journey. Now it is time to declare what matters to us. Declare it with the confidence of a child. If you think your purpose is nonsense and nobody will care for it, observe children when they want something. They never prioritize other’s opinions or consider it to be nonsense or not, they just want what they want! Declaring it with a high volume they remain insistent until they get it. In the end, sometimes they get it, sometimes they don’t. From a child’s point of view, it is not the end of the world. Doing your best is the main thing. The rest of it is to flow and surrender. Do your best! Declare to the world what you want to do! First, tell yourself about that forgotten treasure. Subsequently, you will receive the support you need if it is really your path.


Release the words from your mind. Journal your daily or nightly thoughts. Writing is going to help you find that treasure and express your feelings. Maybe you don’t even know what your feelings are. So don’t wait to feel them. Start writing, start with whatever comes from your hands. You will see something is going to change within you soon!


We have a very positive new moon for this year. A magical time for beginnings. Especially the things we have been postponing for a long time – almost a year. It may seem like everything is still uncertain. But the stronger we get, the more comfortable we are to spend on future transformation times. We need to work hard on ourselves. So this new moon is an amazing opportunity with the power of nature. To feel strong again and to be decisive. Also to be real on our path of life. Moreover, to get what we deserve. Use this chance. Without resisting.

Take notes of your life.

Make them a communication tool for your higher self.

Take the support of your own power.

Make your life real.

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