Full Moon & Eclipse in Sagittarius

From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular

26th May 2021

Full Moon & Eclipse in Sagittarius with the effect of:
Jupiter Squares Moon & Sun\\Stellium in Gemini

Here comes the first eclipse of the year, the full moon & eclipse in Sagittarius. Eclipses quicken things. Specifically, they do this in a tense way with a full moon. The Sun, our masculine part is in Gemini. The Moon, our feminine part is in Sagittarius. It means that the opposition is between two convertible signs this time. Which represents duality and will create a major impact in our lives.

Convert tension to tightness; tighten your connection with yourself so that you can balance duality. The retrogrades of Pluto and Saturn have already started and Mercury retrograde is coming right after the full moon. We need to pay extra attention to the areas that we need to review but have ignored for a while. Never forget; the stronger our souls, the greater our power to manage our lives.


What do you need to release? Think about it. It is not that hard to find because you know it within. Always… just because it is too scary to release doesn’t mean that it serves you. Maybe it used to, but now it is time to let go of that habit to move forward. Find out what makes you so afraid of moving forward. What is that belief in your mind? Is it really something you believe with all your cells, or have you been made to believe it?

Your real truth makes you feel alive. You are working with karma according to your beliefs, either the lessons from your past lives or those from your past in this life. Take the lessons and grow. Extract what you do not want for your future life. We are creating a new consciousness for the world. Our future is a new phase of humanity. Get ready for it by releasing the old states of your mind.


Be more connected with your higher self. Subsequently, a new age will require new versions of us. A “new you” does not mean losing yourself. Actually, it is just the opposite; to remember the very pure version of you. With all your values; caring, courageous, sensitive, passionate, full of love, and lots of other values that you have forgotten. However, they are not lost, they are always there. They made us forget because it was easier to manage people who are numbed.

The new era is the big awakening. The awakener Uranus has started to work for a few years. Saturn and Uranus square is coming in June right after the solar eclipse. We are preparing for the big shift as a world. The last one will be in December. So this is the second chance after February for us to make that connection with our truth.


We are not separate from the divine. But we are all one. All these changes and transformations come to remind us that we are a part of a whole. Not lonely but alone in a huge galaxy. We are made of stardust. We have a connection with every tiny piece of dust in this galaxy. Not just the world, but the whole galaxy. So imagine, how big of a family that is. Be aware of this reality and fight for justice, but not as a fanatic.

Be a real humanist. We are all humans. Isn’t it strange that we say there are borders between countries? How can one be happy if someone cries on the other part of this planet? And how can we hate our friends or relatives while we are talking about peace? How come we don’t love ourselves? Moreover, how can we separate the stardust from each other or think that there is a separation in this universe?

See how we have been disconnected from each other for about two years now, and it is not just a virus. It is here for us to embrace the new consciousness. It says something very important: “Remember that we are all one, remember your own power to make a difference so that we can heal together. We can just heal and grow together. ”

To feel that belonging to the whole, make that connection with your higher self. Care for yourself, then you will be able to care for the world enough. Because you are the very precious part of this whole. How can you care for others before caring for your soul enough? You are not just made from cells. You have a soul, an energy body. Do not let your mind convince you that life is just for physical reality. Do something to remember your own power. Otherwise, a new era might hurt you. Not to punish but to push you ahead to become your highest version.

Put your feminine and masculine, dark and light, and all the dual parts together.

Accept all of them, accept yourself as you are. All parts of you are yours. And you are a part of the whole. Subsequently, accept this truth. Without you, there will be a missing part in this universe.

Furthermore, push your limits with clemency.

Go big without exaggerating.

Find a balance for the duality within you.

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