New Moon in Cancer

From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular

10 th July 2021

New Moon in Cancer with the effect of:
Mars Venus Conjunction

It’s time to say “I feel”. We’ve spent the last two years saying this too shall pass. A lot has happened, we have taken many steps to develop and grow. So, now it is time to relax a little bit and feel that we live in a world where love matters. Because no matter what we do, the end of the road is always love. And the new age will show us the importance of love through unity.


This New Moon in Cancer is a really good opportunity to start something new involving love, family, relationship, and real estate. Everything about home. Home is somewhere we feel we belong. Our land, our community, our house and our bodies are a home for us as too. Take good care of them, like a mother. Moreover, be compassionate to yourself and others.


Think through love. Act with love. Find your way in love. However, do not attach love to another entity. It’s all about you and the love within you. The more you experience this emotion, the more you can radiate. So be aware of every being around. Feel their heart. We all need love more than ever. Give before you receive. Love is something that increases as you give. Share your heart. Be sincere. There is no risk in sharing your heart. Although, sometimes intimacy seems risky. But at the end of the day, we all know that after we fall, we can get up. So it’s worth taking the risk of falling when it comes to love.


The world is trying to come together again. We have been separated from each other for years. We are now beginning to understand that we are all one, and will be one forever. It makes us feel more belonging to this planet. The more we belong, the
more satisfied we become. Love connects all beings. There is no distinction between anything. We all live in a big galaxy together. Furthermore, we now we see that there is unnecessary hatred in the world. Nobody remembers where it came from. They did it to create more money. We have all witnessed that money is not something that will save our lives. We just need each other to be alive.


We just need to take care. Take care of ourselves, our planet, our loved ones. We actually care, but we all pretend we don’t. We’ve been taught that caring hurts. In reality; Ignoring hurts. So we stopped being sincere and stopped risking being ignored. We don’t have to care when we don’t have ties. It is easy to escape from the depth of the water. The water on the surface looks very beautiful. Well, it is not easy to see that this is not enough. No being can be happy without feeling that deep love. And that
happiness begins with acknowledging that we cared in the first place.


So we’ve come a long way. It’s like we’re reborn. If you haven’t had time to take care of yourself and reconnect with life, you have some more time. We know how deeply connected we are to this planet. Now we are creating new bonds as if we are newly
born. Think of a newborn. We approach them in the most compassionate way so as not to harm them. Feel yourself reborn and realize that you are on this long and tiring journey. Know that you deserve the best. Create your new life with a courageous step.

Always remember;

You are the creation of love.

Create your bonds with the love for which you were created.

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