Dana Stechow in 5 Questions

The Temple of Babylon is always on the look out for unique programming, and the lovely workshops by Dana Stechow were among some of the newest additions during the June Summer Solstice retreat. We thought of some tough questions to ask her about her craft, and her special approach to understanding chakra’s. Furthermore, she explained exactly which benefits can be received from her sessions. Here is Dana Stechow in 5 questions.

Dana Stechow in 5 Questions

Question 1#

Dana, what fascinates you particularly about the gong, and how did this instrument find you?

I had a woman in alchemistic trituration workshops that told me I would be a very good gong player. We became friends and the gong was calling me one year later. I didn’t know anything about it. During Gong Sessions I attended, I received strong visions. That was all.

Then, when I first met my gong and played it, I realized that through playing and hearing the sounds, I could see where the sounds were going and moving inside bodies. I saw past lives of people, their organs, themes, beliefs, issues, and wounds.

Moreover, I saw and witnessed what the frequencies of the gong could do in the systems of the listeners. This is what fascinates me still and always leaves a magic beyond understanding, which I deeply appreciate.

Question 2#

Through your work as a healing practitioner for 12 years, what have you found is the number one reason that makes people feel blocked and hindered?

The number one thing I see, is the conditioned way people train themselves or were trained to not listen to themselves. Once people start listening with a really open heart to themselves, solutions, healing, transformation, evolvement, and movement starts happening by itself.

Also, the capability to take full responsibility for their well being through listening to their needs, their gifts, and their uniqueness, also brings a freedom from limitations.

Question 3#

You have developed your own system for understanding the functioning of the chakra’s; Spiral Chakra Movement. What does this system entail exactly and how does it work?

It is a system, where the flow of the chakras starts in the solar plexus and moves like a spiral outwards through the heart, the sacral, the throat, the root and from there to the third eye. The main problem with people I work with, is that they receive a lot of information from above.

The connection to the Above is there, but the landing, rooting, the being here, the embodiment is quite struggling for many.

The spiral dynamics of the chakras will first set the imprint with our inner sun, with our essence, and this will then move through the heart to awaken the heart’s desires and wishes. It cleans the heart from hurlings through our own essence, which will then flow down to the sacral chakra, ready to be moved, ready to create, ready to bring our sacredness that we are into creation.

From there, our essence can be expressed through the throat chakra with all that belongs to us. With words that are aligned with our own essence, not the conditionings we received from limited perceptions of others, which can never be our own truth. And through this expression of what we created, based on our heart’s wishes that are born out of our essence, we then ground down and strengthen our root chakra as a natural effect.

Once we ground with our essence, the inner marriage can happen. Our kundalini can rise naturally and grounded to the third eye, always in connection with ourselves. We are here to live and express the core of our being, the unique sparkle, that makes the universe dance. In the old system, we started with the root chakra and we started our journey in freeing ourselves first from woundings, that we brought from past lives, from our ancestors.

We had to clean a lot, to heal a lot, to work through a lot, in order to go higher into the sacral chakra to feel pleasure and joy.

However, I also receive from other systems, that the solar plexus will become a major central chakra. Our chakras will all start to slow down and reorganize in a new way. The process I receive, is brought to me to help make this shift happen. We are here to live our essence and heal woundings of the past, of the ancestors, of the nature around us. We can focus on ourselves and through this start relating to the outside in a deep authentic, loving, embracing, open, empowering way.

Question 4#

Running your own practice in Germany, tell us about some of the different practices and methods you offer your clients and which ones are particularly popular at the moment?

In my practice I offer methods like Gestalt therapy, NLP, Theta Healing, Gong Therapy, Homeopathy, Active Imagination, and whatever is needed. I feel my unique gift is to bring awareness to connections that are not visible for my clients, but very obvious to me.

Building bridges to unify, grow, expand and deepen an understanding of the gifts that lie in every issue, bringing pain or struggle to the client. I invite many nowadays to bring an awareness of what they are saying towards their body, how they feel it in their body.

Then, the chakras come into awareness on their own and we go into inner soul landscapes. In the end, they can transform struggle and they receive how to breathe or what to connect inside themselves. This might again come to a blockage in order to reconnect and move towards what they want in life, their truth, that also empowers their surroundings. 

Question 5#

What are the transformational stories that you have experienced as a result through your practice that you could share with us?

This was a quite hard question for me, as I am always very much in the moment. I easily forget what has happened last month in my studio. I asked some people that attended my sound journeys to simply share their views about it.

There was Levke, who couldn’t go inwards so well. She could not meditate. With the gong she experienced that she start traveling as soon as the gong started to play. She recognized many beliefs she had about herself that were not serving her. This changed the relationship with herself into a more loving, embracing and even emotional connection.


“I should mention that I am a very audio-sensitive person anyway. But the first gong ceremony by Dana caused me to come again many times and take part in her program “Heliosreise”. My ears never heard such intense and different sounds before. I never expected such a variety from this instrument. The waves made all my cells vibrate. Mentally, I was tripping in a very joyful way, but I could also focus on heavy questions that I have had for a long time. Through Dana’s gong play, my inner wisdom found a voice that clearly talked to me in a gentle, heart-& mind-opening way.”

“I just completely felt and knew that this was my true self. The discovery of this inner gentle voice of wisdom made me understand that the answers to all my questions were all inside of me. I just had to give myself a chance to come to calmness and peace to hear it. It was truly empowering! Additionally, some visions during the gong play made me curious to connect further with my spirituality.”

Then we have Sarah, who recently told me that she suffers from tinnitus all her life. The gong simply filled it with a new frequency. So the tinnitus disappeared and instead she is receiving a beautiful connection to herself.


“All my life I have experienced something like an imbalance in me. As if I could never really arrive somewhere. No matter whether I was did well or not, whether I celebrated successes or not. In the end, a great longing remained and I didn’t know what for, like a big gap. I have been listening to Dana’s gong for about 2 years now. It seems like something in me becomes perfect and healthy, and something is allowed to take its place. The emptiness fills up, but not by intellectual awareness. It is also not a psycho-emotional level, but it is as if it works much deeper or more subtle. The sound of the gong Dana plays is very gently healing. I feel very close to myself and very warm and well inside. It’s as if some warm milk with honey is pouring into me. I love Dana’s work and yes, I think I’m gong addicted.”

Then we have Katrin, who always had problems with her parents. She did not feel seen, heard, maybe even loved or appreciated. During the first gong session, she was surprised that it directly put her towards her relationship with her parents. It showed her new ways of relating.

After the gong, she visited her parents. She was very astonished that her mother started asking things about her life. Suddenly she herself felt warm, open and soft towards her with a quality of love she never had before. I asked her about it recently, and it’s still there. It has been 2 years now, since she came for the first time.


“I attended my first gong meditation with Dana two years ago, without any expectations or intentions. I did’nt know what was going to happen. But then I perceived the waves of sound… and they cracked my heart open. Something shifted in me and for the first time ever I could truly and fully feel love for my parents. I could fully and whole-heartedly forgive them and see them within their essence. Without my intention, Dana’s gong play healed a deep wound around my heart. This opened me up for giving and receiving love more effortlessly. Now, not only do I have a more loving relationship with my parents, but also with my daughters, siblings and friends too. Subsequently, I was able to open myself up for romantic love for the first time in 8 years. All that with just one hour of gong meditation! Forever grateful for this, Dana!”

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Dana Stechow in 5 questions. If you would like to find out more, check out her Temple Teacher profile, or her personal website (in German). We can’t wait for her to host another class during one of our retreats, can you? Check out The Temple of Babylon to see when the next events will take place.

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