Dana Stechow

As a healing practitioner for the past 12 years, Dana Stechow has gained deep insights into the dynamics of human healing. Finding out what hinders and blocks people, and what empowers them.

For more than 7 years she has been leading immersive group processes. These are designed to focus on a large spectrum of human healing. This includes working with the chakras, heart-healing & connection, solar-plexus-light-activation, grounding, and self-awareness.  Using alchemical tools and the symphony gong, Dana has been able to guide others into a path towards conscious change, shifting their focus through greater awareness, and aiding in their transformation.

Through her work, Dana Stechow would like to enable more people to think and feel their way anew. Moreover, to recognize the synchronicity of their growth potential, and to learn to trust their own way. Dana has walked this path of healing herself. Finally, coming to terms with, and processing her own childhood which was a deep journey back to her inner core. 

Receiving her Heilpraktiker degree in 2008, she has since enjoyed developing herself with further training. For example Theta Healing, Gestalt Therapy, NLP, self-study of C.G.Jung, Joseph Campbell, and other mystics. Dana has developed her own system in understanding the functioning and interconnection of the Chakras: Spiral Chakra Movement. Starting in the solar plexus, this perspective gives the possibility to reflect upon oneself the deep questions and challenges that life brings. Furthermore, to be able to act on them. 

Dana’s intuition and fine-sensory channels allow her to receive information that each group field brings. Each workshop is different and unique as each group is different. Even if the themes may be the same. With her awareness and compassion, she is able to support processes of resistance, helping to activate potential.  Additionally, her inner-vision enables her to receive inner-soul landscapes and images, weaving them through guided meditations that update deep cell information.

Dana’s mission is to help people to trust their own diversity through the power of self-awareness: to take up their own space, to learn to trust and enjoy their own unique and powerful light.

Her vision is to internalize a world of tomorrow in which one feels at peace, can breathe a sigh of relief, and trust moving forward. For more information, check out her business website (only available in German).