Michael Lane

Starting out as a writer and story consultant from London,  Michael Lane gained experience as a journalistic writer before working in Hong Kong. Later, he decided to settle in Berlin. He coaches individuals and companies in various forms of storytelling. This includes writing fiction, selling a product, speaking for an audience, or more personal transformative methods.

Michael developed his fascination for stories during a childhood spent reading and watching movies. This fascination evolved into writing his own short stories, novels and – most recently – screenplays for directors in Berlin and Los Angeles. Moreover, he is a strong believer that learning a little structure can help the writing process. If only to know which rules you are twisting and breaking as you inevitably should to create something fresh and original.

Michael has an open and non-judgmental teaching style. There are no stupid questions in his workshops, only curiosity and an eagerness to challenge assumptions. He’s just as eager to learn from you, as you are from him.