Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular

16th May 2022

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio with the effect of:

Mercury Retrograde \\ Neptune & Mars Trine Moon \\ Saturn Squares Moon & Sun

New Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The time has come for a great transformation. If you’ve done it before, don’t resist. Because this time is not the same. Perhaps you have been able to overcome everything and survive without transformation for the past few years. But what you don’t transform now will block your dreams like a big boulder on your path.


Rebirth is a difficult process. It can be painful, and tiring, but also instructive. Life becomes more enjoyable when you continue from where you learned. Now you know when you pass the exams that you think are difficult; there is no obstacle you can’t overcome. Next, take a look, and if there’s a place you left because you couldn’t go through it, maybe it was preventing you from being reborn from the ashes. Allow yourself now to reach the light from that darkest place.

Change your ways. 

If necessary…If the routes you’ve tried so far haven’t worked, try going a different route. As long as the path is yours, success is always there. Maybe you’re not resisting the changing world, you’re just obsessed with following the same path. You can’t achieve different results by trying the same methods. First, identify the difficult part of your life, then decide. If you want to heal, try something you’ve never tried before. Make sure you see every opportunity given to you among the infinite possibilities of the universe. Sometimes the solution is right in front of us. All we need is to see it.


We have unlimited guides. The superficiality of this world sometimes makes us believe we are alone. We are not. We are each one of billions of stars. And we have endless resources to guide us. Everything we believe in, every person we meet, and even every situation is here to guide us. All we need to do is to look for it.

New Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio


See if you can get the message, with all this guidance. Take responsibility for everything that happens. Everything you experience is your own creation. Blaming and giving responsibility to others means giving your own power to others. Instead of saying what happened to me, question why this happened and what the message is. Because every experience without exception tries to tell us something. All we need to do is to hear it.

Hear and Feel.

Hear your inner screaming. Feel your anger for what you did to yourself. Stop projecting your feelings onto others. Start looking in the direction that will make you happy, without deceiving yourself. Accept your true reflection as you see it. Maybe there are aspects of you that you still don’t like. Admit it. Love first so you can transform every part of you. A newborn baby has no problems with itself. It is not easy to break the molds formed on the way to becoming an adult. That’s why rebirth is difficult. But the lightness that comes after that is worth all the effort.

Don’t be a burden to yourself. Communicate with your core essence, which is the best place to communicate when Mercury is retrograde. Moreover, if you learn your lessons and change the path without resistance, your rewards are on the way. Although Saturn compresses a bit, it does so that we eventually create the best version of ourselves. Furthermore, Neptune and Mars give great support to strengthen our intuition and clarify our confused minds. As I said, when Mercury is in retrograde, our minds go on vacation, so we reach our hearts more easily.

New Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Your greatest guide is your heart. Decision time.

If you want to reach a better version of yourself, follow the truth without resistance. You will then arrive at the place where you must transform in integrity. Rewards are on the way only for those who can go their own way and transform. For those who are free from their old beliefs, life will quickly flow in the direction it wants after this Lunar Eclipse.

The most necessary change in the world is to increase the values ​​of love and intimacy.

To ourselves, to nature, to people,  to all the universe.

So love and intimacy solve everything.

All we need is to understand it deeply.

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