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Shishi Meriwani

Shishi founded The Gardens of Babylon in 2016. Though active throughout Amsterdam's competitive nightlife scene since 2007, it was the unique and multi-dimensional nature of The Gardens of Babylon that has set her apart from the crowd, situating her as a staple player across the global nightlife industry.

shishi meriwani, temple teacher, founder, the gardens of babylon

Interview w/ The Gardens of Babylon founder Shishi

D riven by the combined philosophy of family, connection, exploration, and co-creation, The Gardens of Babylon began as a humble monthly with global ambitions from Amsterdam’s Westerunie. Since that autumn evening, it has transformed into a multi-platform global community connected through music, spirituality, and consciousness. Its branded and offshoot events (including the full moon inspired Wild as the Moon) have moved well beyond the Dutch borders, having been felt on dancefloors in Antwerp, Bali, Basel, Dubai, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Mykonos, New York, Tel Aviv, Tulum, and virtually every corner of the globe. These open and inclusive events have invited a who’s who of the world’s foremost DJs, Live Acts, and Performers, many of whom Shishi counts as true friends and mentors, including Behrouz, Damian Lazarus, Oliver Koletzki and many, many more.

Aside from the global event series, The Gardens of Babylon includes its three-year running destination festival, The Monastery. The festival has, in itself, become a staple event for spiritual training and creative output, maintaining its intimate atmosphere though consistently sold out. Not to be outdone, The Gardens of Babylon record label has also gone from strength to strength through its monthly release schedule. Since its debut, well-received contributions have come from core family members Jacob Groening, Vander, Anstascia, Carlita, Spaniol, and Geju, with more to come in 2021 and beyond.

The latest addition to The Gardens of Babylon has been its platform for spiritual education: The Temple of Babylon. The Temple of Babylon expands on the event’s trademark opening ceremonies, card readings, and healing ceremonies, into crowdsourced offerings for spiritual workshops and conversations. Whether it be Vinyasa Yoga to Mantra Singing, Shamanic Women’s Circles to Systemic Constellations workshops, The Temple of Babylon offers a space to grow, heal, process outside tradition the traditional education paradigm.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Shishi is also co-founder of the Altitude Agency, an artist and brand management agency boasting the likes of Chaim, Elfenberg, Jenia Tarsol, Holmar, Parallells, and Wild Dark amongst its expansive roster of family artists. She also heads the sustainability initiatives for Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels imprint, including the preservation of jungle ecosystems in Tulum and beyond.

Perhaps it is the multicultural background with roots tracing back to history’s original Babylon. Or, perhaps it is the outgoing, open, and optimistic personality so lacking across the industry. Whatever it is, Shishi Meriwani has created a warm and comforting creative nest across the world, where artists and audiences share mutual respect and support through warm and loving events, and all done with a distinctive female energy.