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The Gardens of Babylon CBD with MCT Oil

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The Alchemy Organics & The Gardens of Babylon have joined forces to create a unique, multi-purpose CBD oil. Compounded with an MCT carrier oil, our CBD oil is produced using an advanced, patented extraction method. Suitable for oral or topical use, this innovative product offers many physical and mental benefits.

Two available options:
5% CBD oil
10% CBD oil

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The successful collaboration with Alchemy Organics has brought forth a very useful, and ingenious product; The Gardens of Babylon MCT with CBD oil. Proposing many benefits, it’s available in a 5% or 10% CBD concentration.

Modern innovation

With sheer pigmentation, the colour of the liquid is lighter than any other full-spectrum CBD oil on the market, without the use of isolates. This results in a softer touch and a smoother taste while still boasting a very rich cannabinoid profile.

Using a modernised and patented extraction method, the solvent used efficiently extracts cannabinoids without diminishing other compounds that contribute to the strong taste. Quite on the contrary with most CO2 Extracted Full-Spectrum CBD oils that are also known to cause a slight burn when making skin- or eye contact. With our potent yet gentle product, this is not the case.


Looking for specific health benefits? Or do you just want to enhance your daily skincare routine? The Gardens of Babylon CBD with MCT oil is great for everyone! Even those who usually find the taste of CBD oil too intense.

Adding a few drops of oil to your moisturiser does wonders for your skin. With its high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to nourish, smoothen, and heal the skin. You can also add it to other topical products such as creams, gels, and lotions. Furthermore, you can ingest it sublingually or orally by adding it to your beverages and meals.

CBD oil is sought after by an increasing amount of people who seek relief from (chronic) pain, muscle soreness, stress, and anxiety, as well as supporting a healthy sleep cycle and overall psyche.

Let’s enjoy this wonderful new chapter in The Book of Babylon, we are very excited for you to try it!

This product comes in 2 variations: 5% or 10% CBD

Made in Germany

100% natural / 100% vegan

Batch tested

Isolate free / THC free

Ingredients include: broad-spectrum hemp extract, organic MCT carrier oil

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Weight0,101 kg

10%, 5%

1 review for The Gardens of Babylon CBD with MCT Oil

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    Awesome product. Love it!

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