From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular

13th January 2021 –
New Moon in Capricorn\\
-with the effect of:
Conjunction to Pluto\\
Mars Square Saturn\\
Mercury Square Uranus\\

Here is a powerful start to 2021, with a New Moon in Capricorn. Time to make your plans ready. Be organized. Manifest and believe it will happen! Believe it like a Capricorn. They all know how to manifest and live their dreams. Because they all know there is no obstacle between you and your dreams except your thoughts. So start like it has already happened beautifully. Especially in your career, if you have a project you have been postponing because of a lack of courage, it is time to give it a go. Even your plans for the project will be supported.


Be strong enough to deal with challenges. Last year we practiced it a lot, so we really know what strength means. It is not about being in a fight against something, it is to be soft enough to deal everything with our emotions and logic together. It is not going to be easy. Educate yourself to balance your thoughts with your feelings. Because your decision-making needs your feelings. At the same time be careful not to get lost in your feelings. There is a risk of deception. Make sure the things you decide all of a sudden include your intuition with wisdom. Get ready for a strong month. Strong events do not always mean to be tough. You will decide, start, change the way and do many steps for your life. This means you need to be strong, courageous, and decisive. Be aware of it. Don’t get lost in it, it is the most important time of the year.


We have Mercury in the story, this time with Uranus. What is happening this week is going to expand next week with Jupiter. So be compassionate with your words. Choose to heal your wounds rather than creating new ones. Healing brings new opportunities to help you move forward. Stay flexible in your heart enough to forgive. First yourself and then the rest of the world.

Be Wise.

And make your choices wisely. Forgiveness is not something for the other people. It is for you to come along. It is a burden on your shoulders. You can not shine with a heavy soul. Remember the last full moon. You were reborn to rise. If you would do that, you would know how lightness feels. If not, do it now. So that you can shine brighter.


No rush. It is time to create your new life. So there is no need to run. Be there. Feel what you really want. Because if it is not real, you will stumble on a rock. Take your time and be real to yourself. Then take firm steps forward. Do not forget; there is no need to rush, but there is also no time to waste.

No Limits.

Do not let contradictions limit you. You are bigger than your worries. Take the risk with measure. If you hold it too much, you might explode. Try to control your anger, the accumulative energy inside you. Do not limit it, but express with control. No need to hide anymore. Express whatever you keep inside, but with love. That is the transformation. It will be the new way of your life, to not suffer. Take responsibility and act with love. The actions coming from fear are not going to be constructive. We lay a foundation. Do it now with love.


Pluto means transformation. It will happen in one way or another. Be adaptable and also changeable at the same time. Balance is the most helpful thing that you need now. By balancing your heart with your mind you make a choice for your life. Without being confused or being lost, remain just as yourself. Feel confident about what you really want. You may not have to go along with the crowd.

Know that there is nothing impossible.
But never forget the wisdom of surrender. Flow and act.
Do not force anything. Just be confident.

Fall apart to come together.
Be unique as there is only one of you.
You are here because;
Our universe needs you and your uniqueness…

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