Dear Jade, tell us your story and how it all started? Who pushed you to get into music and how did it happen?

It was definitely totally unexpected to be honest. I’ve always loved music, my parents always playing all kind of genres in the house but I never thought I would DJ at all. I went to university in the US when I was 16 turning 17, but got called to model at the same time so I started to travel intensively for that instead, living for months at a time in a whole lot of different cities; Paris, London, NY, LA, Tokyo, Sydney, Madrid, Singapour… With trips to Ibiza, Burning Man and Tulum in the middle where I started to discover electronic music, especially this genre of more « organic » music. I went backpacking all throughout South America listening to Rampue on loop and volunteered in Cusco Peru where I started to discover spirituality.  When I came back I felt like modeling was just not feeding my soul enough anymore. I was spending all my time on soundcloud having the best time ever just listening to music. Until one day, my love for it grew so strong I realized how much everything in my life had already been divinely aligned for me to do this, everything was preparing me for this journey. All these travels, encounters, experiences had crafted my vision, had taught me what I needed. I strongly felt like if I chose this path I would literally never work a day again in my life, it would just be pure happiness of being fully immersed in music.  I started digging non stop for a few months after that to build my library, learned how to play watching some youtube tutorials and got to DJ for the first time in South Africa on NYE 2018 with friends. After that I went to Mexico, had a few lessons to learn how to use the turntables and started to have my first gigs there. Mexicans know how to party, it was a great playground to begin with aha. I came back to Europe in the Spring, and everything escalated from there :-)) I later realized how much music and spirituality are so tied together, there’s so many incredible things to discover about ourselves with it, my dream is for everyone to find that special place inside of us of infinite, eternal and unconditional bliss!

Tell us about your relationship with The altitude agency

It’s a huge blessing to be a part of the Altitude, I really couldn’t have dreamt better! I greatly admire all the artists and am so amazed at how incredibly nice and talented each and every one of them is. Shishi does a fantastic job at creating a true family bound, having a WhatsApp group where we all keep in touch, exchange thoughts, music releases etc. Everyone is super supportive of each other, it’s so wonderful to be growing and rising together as one!

What about The Gardens of Babylon? How would you describe this family to the rest of the world?

Discovering the Gardens of Babylon movement was definitely life changing for me! It came at a time where I was craving for more than just parties, the incredible music selection is what got me hooked instantly, but I ended up discovering there much more magic and meaning than I could have ever imagined possible! All the people I met through the Gardens of Babylon community are seriously my favorite people ever, best vibes all around, non stop dancing, feeling our cosmic connections so deeply! The Spiritual setting gives us great tools for the remembrance of our divine origin and helps accelerate our ascension process, I’m so grateful for parties like that to exist and to have the chance to be a part of it, a dream come true to say the least!!

If you were to describe the monastery in 3 words, what would you say?

Transcending, Magic, Heaven! 3 words is not enough! Seriously the whole vision of it is extraordinary, come discover for yourself and join the fun!!!

Who is your favorite artist and have you had the chance to meet them?

It would be impossible to pick just one, every artist being so unique with what they share… I try to add as many different flavors I can to my sets, so to name just a few… I get greatly inspired by Kerala Dust’s incredible jazzy groovy notes, Red Axes’s funky mind exploding sounds, Oliver Koletzki’s majestic storytelling, Acid Pauli’s out of the box vision, Solomun’s great endurance and dedication, Be Svendsen’s unique and transporting sounds, Lee Burridge’s high sky dream vibes, Sabo, Goldcap & Lemurian’s richness of atmospheres and textures.. All are incredible and fascinating people to be around 🙂 Still there is new astonishing music producers to be discovered and get excited for each day, digging for music is endless fun to be had!!

What event/venue you cannot wait to perform at?

Incredibly excited for Fusion festival in Germany! Got canceled this year as it was scheduled for June but will be patient until next year, I’ve pretty much been preparing this set in my head since I started DJing aha! Circoloco DC10 and Pacha in Ibiza are definitely on top of the list as well after spending so many nights dancing there, learning so much about how to build and manage high energy through a set, experiencing absolutely mystical sonic experiences, it has basically been my university for DJing haha getting to play there would be like graduating 🙂

Lastly, if you were to give one advice to everyone reading this interview, what would it be?

Follow your intuition, never miss a chance to be kind and believe in magic, life will show you!