Dearest Babylon Family Member,
It’s almost time for our festival Butterflies in Babylon. We couldn’t be more excited! In this email, you’ll read everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the event. Read this email carefully before you head to the festival and rock it like a Babylon pro! 

Entrance & Arrival

• The address is Contactweg 68, Amsterdam.
• You are advised to come by bike, taxi or public transportation.
• There’s limited and paid parking only. Don’t leave any valuable items in your car!
• Doors open at 15:00 on Friday and 13:00 on Saturday.
If you purchased an afterparty ticket scan this on arrival to receive your wristband.

Indoor & Outdoor

We’re expecting beautiful Dutch spring weather. We have our weather manifestation tonight at 20:00 on Zoom! So we expect perfect festival weather, but in case of a sprinkle of rain:
• The Mainstage is outside.
•Bring layers for the evening time in case you get cold.
• We have two indoor areas, one with the market & other activities, one with music.

We have lockers on site:
Small: 25×18×40 cm €7,50
Big: 25×25×40 cm €10,00
Come early and secure yours on arrival.

Join the online manifestation mediation:
Join Zoom Meeting
Passcode: 1111

• You will be searched on arrival by the security team of the venue. Dutch security is considered to be searching thoroughly. 
• The venue allows weed and hasj up to 5 grams. Pre-rolled is not allowed. If this is of interest for you, please read more on the Thuishaven website. This is not in our control:

You can not leave and re-enter this event on the same ticket.

• Weekend tickets can only be scanned once!
• You will receive one wristband.
• You cannot give/sell/trade your wristband with someone else.
• If you lose your wristband on Friday, you cannot access the festival on Saturday.
Afterparty tickets need to be purchased separately here.

Food & Drinks:
• Food can be purchased at the venue until 23:00! There are vegan & vegetarian options only including glutenfree options. 
• During the afterparty you can purchase snacks only (bananas, chocolate).
• Drinks can be purchased at the venue only. You can not bring your own food or drinks. 
• You can drink water from the tap right outside the bathroom.

Recycle your cup
On arrival you receive a free recycle token, hand this in with your first drink to avoid a surcharge for the cup.
When you go for the second, third and… round you always bring your cup back to the bar.
Without a token or cup you will pay the sustainability surcharge.
Don’t want to carry around cups until another round? Hand in the cup and receive a token.

Enjoy with care!
• Protect your ears and bring earplugs.
• In Holland you can always go to First Aid or security without fear when you are feeling unwell (whether you are intoxicated or not). First Aid is easily to find through indications and located near the entrance. In case you see any fellow dancers feeling unwell please inform their friends or the team, security or First Aid. 

Payment information
• To order drinks & food you need to purchase tokens from the venue. You can pay for these tokens with cash or card. During the afterparty you can only pay with card.
• You cannot bring your own drinks & food to this event.
• Toilets inside are paid, and toilets outside are free of charge.
• Market of Curiosities: Cash payments & card payments depending on the vendor.
• Masseurs & Spiritual one-on-one sessions: Cash payments & card payments depending on the vendor. 

Highlight News