Full Moon in Scorpio

From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular

27th April 2021

Full Moon in Scorpio with the effect of:

Sun Conjunct Uranus\\Moon Opposite Uranus\\Saturn Squares Moon & Sun\\Stellium in Taurus

A tense and intense full moon as Scorpio is the sign of death. We all know that we must die first to be born again. New beginnings have arrived. This full moon is a super moon. Because it is closer to the world, it is encouraging us to change even more. Since last year, we understood that nothing will be the same again. So whether we accept it or not, change is coming. Now before the end of this year, we have another chance to release what does not serve us. To reach the greatest version of ourselves.


When we love ourselves we can act with self-confidence. Even if the whole world is in front of us, we take firm steps forward with this confidence. Now is the time to get rid of everything that prevents us from knowing our worth. Look at your life! Are you in a state that you really dreamed of? Is it a life that you feel satisfied living? If the answer is “no” or there are parts in your life that you want to change, hurry up! Well, there is no need to rush but no time to waste either. If you do not decide to become a real version of yourself, life might show you the hard way to get there.


You are so powerful. Your power to manifest is beyond your imagination. Do your energy work. Taurus is the earth sign and Scorpio is water. They flow together to bring spiritual change into the physical reality. Sun and Moon are opposite to each other when it is a full moon. So the opposition of these two signs with water and earth elements will support us to grow from the inside out. 


Sometimes we get so lost that we don’t know where to start. Especially when it is about our spiritual growth. Some of us may not even think we have a soul. That is all OK. Just know that you are not alone on this planet. Divine is nothing separate from you. You are the light itself. Connect with that light. Ask for guidance if you feel lost. Trust that you will get an answer. And it will come from the higher version of you. But it is you at the end! Not someone else.


Feel your emotions. Dive deep into them. Do not blame yourself for superficial relationships that are not enough for you anymore. It is time for a realization. It might be intense to feel all the changes within you. Appreciate your self-awareness and go ahead. When your heart says something, you know that it’s true! You have the courage to move on. Remember the wishes you made for this year. Remember the intentions of the last new moon. You know what you want to manifest. So don’t be afraid to feel more, you can only rise from the depth of your feelings.


Maybe you will be tenser when you feel so deeply. Sometimes we think that it is a good way to protect our hearts. Because nobody can reach someone who is tense. It is a trap for us. Do not buy it. Be aware to react with love. Emotions come from the heart, not from thoughts. Communicating with love always begins with yourself. Be gentle to yourself. It is not easy to transform. Change like a snake sheds its skin, it is not easy at all. Do it slowly!


Know your worth. You have the courage to reach the highest version of yourself. Realize your potential. Connect with the essence within you. If you have fear, take it with you and keep on walking. It will also show you the path! Do not give up! The change will come in one way or another. Do it to carry you to the highest potential of you. Do not resist leaving your shell. It does not help you to be hurt. It just prevents you from going up. Leave it now what has been holding you back and manifest to become the real you. 

Seek satisfaction.

Feel deeply.

Know your truth.

Die to be reborn.

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