Kicking off The Silver Lining sets with Madmotormiquel

On March 6 we broadcasted five impeccable sets to raise the general mood that seemed to be going down hill. Streaming with Heimlich Knüller, Madmotormiquel, Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder, Oliver Koletzki and Seth Schwarz from the studio of Olivia Steele, the lush and famous neon artist we all know from places like Burning Man turned out to be a dream coming true or perhaps all dreams coming together.

Now that many of you were waiting for the sets to come online. We are VERY excited to kick this off with one of our absolute idols Madmotormiquel.

An hour is definitely too short for his track selection, so we decided to bring him on board for ADE with an extended 4 hour set. Until that happens, tune in, zone out. This is 60 minutes of pure gold..

Listen here! 

Love to you..

The artist: @madmotormiquel
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