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Villia de Koningh

Practising for more than 3 decades as a Shamanic Healer, Soul Coach, Oracle Card Reader and Space Clearing Practitioner, I delight in holding space and guiding people to access their higher selves to find healing and wholeness. Inner work is all about resonance, the technique is less important. If it resonates with your heart and soul you will find the healing you seek. Blending varied techniques from Shamanism to Tibetan Chod practice.

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I heal through guided meditations and experiential inner journeys. I also practice as an Elemental Space Clearer, clearing spaces, people and objects of stagnant energy, allowing for fresh invigorating energy to enter.

Since 2017 I have been blessed to be the Spiritual Guide for The Gardens of Babylon Family where I guide the opening meditations and read oracle cards during events and together with Shishi facilitating The Temple of Babylon from its inception this year. Curating the Spiritual Village for The Monastery Festival bringing many wonderful teachers, healers and therapists from a wide variety of healing modules will remain a highlight of my life journey.

In 2018 we launched our first Silent Retreat in Turkey, which was such a beautiful profound experience for all it was followed by 2 more retreats. Now we are in a new world order where travel is much restricted I am overjoyed to be bringing our very special blend of teachings to our home base in Love, Harmony & Beauty