Sara Nory

After a long journey of studying different modalities from the east and west, Sara Nory started to share her passion for meditation, therapy, and Yoga almost 6 years ago. This was all set into motion after being diagnosed with a breast tumor in her early twenties. This caused her to Deeply reflect upon her life. Making a drastic shift to be more aligned with her heart’s space, this helped her find her true purpose. Now, she follows her calling in helping others to live a life of greater significance and intention.

Sara is an internationally renowned teacher of Kundalini Yoga. Additionally, she is a meditation yogi, artist, and past life soul regressionist. Furthermore, she is the founder of Guided You, a global community for yogic teachings and holistic modalities. These teachings invoke collective healing and transformation for a life of deeper meaning. The modalities she shares are creatively designed to burrow into the true essence of our purpose.

Born in Tehran and raised in Stockholm, Sara now lives and works wherever life invites her. If you are lucky, you will catch her at one of her sessions during our retreats.