Salmaan Sana

Ever since he can remember, Salmaan Sana has wondered about the way our world works and how to function in it. From his own personal interest, he dove into the meaning of emotions and feelings. Going even deeper, finding out how they correspond to the way we all go about our lives. It’s his mission to help people discover who they are and how they can have a more significant positive impact on the world around them. For this, he uses knowledge and experience with leadership, development, compassion, and change in a personal and invigorating way. 

For the past four years, Salmaan has been working as a Senior Consultant and Meaningful Learning Specialist for Better Future. This purpose-driven consultancy organization helps leaders and their teams make a difference. They do this by designing and crafting journeys to create social impact. In the process, they connect organizations from all over the world, from NGOs to corporates. If you would like to know more about Better Future and how they work on our mission, watch this video. Currently, Salmaan also sits on the board of TEDxAmsterdam, which has held more than 10 editions already. Check Salmaan’s LinkedIn for more information about his professional background.

With a focus on creating change agents, Salmaan finds ways to get individuals to become more aware of themselves. Moreover, he helps them realize their responsibility, gaining insights into their inner drive. He likes to harness the power of frustration, transferring this into a constructive and positive force. One that can be used to shift things from the inside out, both personally and organisationally.

On any given day, you can find Salmaan Sana living in the south of Amsterdam, using his bike to commute while building consistency in cross-fit and writing. Once in a while, he hosts workshops about the wonderful art of journalling. If you would like to join, keep an eye out for upcoming (online) retreats and workshops by The Temple of Babylon.