Brid Ni Fhoighil

Growing up in Tipperary, Ireland, Brid Ni Fhoighil met Rudi in 2015 just after she lost her husband to cancer. He introduced her to psychedelic healing during the launch event of Metamorphogenesis, which was an ayahuasca ceremony for 9 people.

Mama aya helped her to get over her deep frustration about not being able to help her husband who died from stomach cancer. The information about modalities such as CBD and psychedelics were not then readily available. This led her to help Rudi set up Metmorphogenesis, Summer of Love 3.0. and later the ASPIRE Foundation for Non-Profit Healing in an effort to better spread this knowledge.

Currently, Brid divides her time between being a doting grandmother and a ‘people weaver’ to assist in the day-to-day running of the various projects she oversees with Rudi.

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