Carlita – Electric Highway EP

Release Date : 25. September 2020
Artist : Carlita
Catalog ref. : TGOB005
Format : Digital Download

Carlita – Electric Highway EP

Istanbul multi-instrumentalist Carlita provides The Gardens of Babylon’s 5th release, the Electric Highway EP

Carlita is a talented classical musician and multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for electronic experimentation and sonic ethnography. Mixing the digital with the analog, the classic with the contemporary, Carlita ensures music made of surprise and craft. A mainstay of the New York City based Bespoke collective, she draws influence from Turkish Psychedelia to classic Rock n’ Roll to eclectic world sounds to field recordings, resulting in a sonic kaleidoscope of culture and experience. This approach shines on the latest release from Carlita, a guitar driven journey into both past and future, alongside a talented international trio of remixers.

 Carlita’s Electric Highway Ep bookends itself with its two original productions. First, the Ep’s eponymous track is a steady, driving piece of guitar infused psychedelia. It is a perfect representation of Carlita’s approach as a producer and performer with her love for electric riffs shining through. Wrapping things up is the peak time Movimiento. Featuring Carlita’s own vocals, Movimiento sends the EP’s electricity into overdrive to destinations of community and togetherness – where we once again converge on international dancefloors. On remix duties, a trio of talented artists offer their interpretations of Electric Highway. First off, Italo-Mexican producer Concret strips things down, interjecting a timely speech from James Baldwin into an activist interpretation perfect for our uncertain times. Then, New York’s Wild Dark punch up the low end with a journey into bliss all their own. Finally, Tel Aviv’s Jenia Tarsol twists, turns, and distorts Electric Highway as only a seminal master of musical experience like him can.

With Electric Highway Ep, Carlita adds a new dimension to her relationship with The Gardens of Babylon. She has literally traveled the world with them, sharing stages with the likes of Red Axes in New York to the golden sand beaches of Epizode Festival Vietnam. Now, with Electric Highway Ep, she joins the likes of Geju and Jacob Groening as part of its record label family.