New Moon in Pisces

From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular

13th March 2021


New Moon in Pisces with the effect of:

Venus Conjunct Neptune \\ Stellium in Pisces\\

You are very welcome to start over with your intuition. Well, if you have not started the new era of your life yet. Start whatever you want during the new moon in pisces. The only rule is to feel these new intentions in every cell of your body. Create your new beginning with your intuition. Imagine beyond infinity, and the scene will be yours.


The astrological new year is coming next week. Pisces is the end of the cycle, so it is preparing us for a new period. Let go of everything you no longer want to carry with you to your new period. Handle your pain gently, let the process heal you. This is the last step before shifting into your future. Into the bright, colorful, brand new you. Pisces heals with love. Spread love and it will return to you.


Be compassionate to yourself, you have come a long way. Be emphatic to others too, you have no idea about their journey so be kind. The more we show our feelings, the more they have mutual meaning. Do not be afraid to show how vulnerable you are. Your sensitivity is not your weakest part, it is your biggest strength. Realize how big it is to change reality.


Maybe forgiveness will follow this wisdom. Maybe you can quit blaming others for your terrifying moments. The choices you make are not the fault of others. It is your choice to let them stay in your life even if they damage you! Look and realise why you let them do this to you. Then you will come to forgive yourself. The main understanding of our life is; everything we experience is about us. No one and nothing in life can affect us unless we let it happen. First of all, do not let yourself be less than your worth. Every being is unique, like a diamond! Like you! You know that we are all one. Treat everything and everyone around you like they are a gem.


Pisces brings magic to our lives. Explore how magical life is. There is a beautiful unity in the sky with this new moon. Venus is on top of Neptune. Their harmony represents aesthetics, colours, and artistry. So design your dancing in your journey. Which way are you going? You might be underestimating your power. You might be forgetting that you are a part of the creator, and actually you are the creator! Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, your every breath is art. Meditate, dance, draw, write or just imagine. Do whatever connects you to the source. Then bring the magic from that source of love to your world.


It is your spiritual connection that makes you feel connected to your roots. The more you meet your soul’s needs, the more you feel grounded. As far as you reach up, you are rooted strongly, down deep. Go up and stay connected so that you can download information from the sky. Be aware of your dreams, they tell you what to download. Neptune helps you with the connection but at the same time makes you feel dizzy in this physical reality. Plus pisces new moon, can make you feel intense. But that’s okay, just do not let yourself get confused. This new moon might create illusions, there is a risk of deception when you have that delusional dizzy state of mind. That’s why it is more important to meditate and use art to be connected to higher frequencies. Then you will be centered, focused, and strong.


If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Do not limit yourself with your thoughts.

Imagine, feel and create.

To infinity and beyond…


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