Full Moon in Virgo

From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular                          

27th February 2021


Full Moon in Virgo with the effect of:

Sun Sextile Uranus \\ Mars Trine Pluto \\

The full moon in Virgo is telling us about our health, diet, job, and everyday routines. Because it is a full moon with the completion in these subjects there is a need to try something different this time. With us, we have the powerful support of Pluto, Mars, and Uranus. Positive effects during a full moon are not something we experience so often! Meaning, there is a peaceful period ahead this time. Now we can say that things are moving for the better, at least for a while.


It’s time to heal, by healing yourself with your intuition. Transformation is a positive thing. Sometimes it seems challenging but how can we expect to grow if everything goes as planned all the time? We need to learn to deal with challenges. To keep growing while you face struggles doesn’t have to be so hard. Make it a soft transition by making it easier for yourself and others. Because when you are struggling, you often don’t realize how you damage others. Especially the ones very close to you. Release healing for all and remember that growing through challenges is something positive. Do not turn this into a terrifying experience.



Take one step at a time, without any exaggeration. Safely and slowly take those steps, you are healing! You are transforming! Do not pressure yourself or overload your mind. Patience will become your biggest savior. Clean your heart just as you clean your closet. Tidy up your life just as you would tidy your room. Furthermore, organize your routine to make everything comfortable. This way, you feel clarity in all areas of your life. Every detail about you actually creates your path. Thus, create it with a brilliant state of mind and your path will brighten up with love. You need to commit to making your journey sustainable. Be indestructible enough to make the commitment to make the world a better place for everyone.



It’s time to let go of everything you have been holding on to for so long! Once you feel the ropes loosen, it will make room for what is really meant to stay with you. Do not resist change. Remember that transformation comes when dealing with challenges with an open mind. If it’s been a struggle for you regardless of your efforts to make it better, move on or simply release it. This is not about giving up. It just means it’s time to heal that part of you. Heal by letting it go, and trust that the best is yet to come.



If you want to be happy, first fix all your entities. Your physical, mental, and spiritual body. When you let go of the toxic load of all three bodies, you will feel your energy is starting to arise. Then we can really talk about health, and how it brings you happiness. The whole world has witnessed that health is above all, and happiness comes from health. Observe your health as a holistic fullness. You can not be happy without feeling satisfied, you can not be satisfied without being whole.


Change Over.

Start with your spiritual body this time. If you don’t have the energy to change your diet, it’s probably because you have a powerful belief that holds you back from being healthy. Reverse it. Find that belief that keeps you from becoming your better self and change it. Then your energy will let you move physically. Furthermore, it will also help your mind experience change in a healthy way. In this Full Moon, the sky is now here to support us. 



We live in a futuristic age. We are innovators from now on. The extent to which our creations remain innovative depends on how strongly we are willing to get rid of our old patterns and start healing. The era we are trying to keep up with has come for us to reach our highest potential. So take responsibility for your life and strive to heal. That’s all you need to move forward.


At the end of the day remind yourself; it is not a big deal!

Nothing at all.

You are beyond everything. 

Everything you want to accomplish.

Heal yourself, commit and put love in everything you do.

The rest will follow easily…


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