21. April 2024

The Seekers of Light ADE Weekender

Hello loves,
And there it is, the light at the end of the tunnel. Now that our favourite weekend in July at The Monastery is postponed to 2022. We want something to look forward to. In comes Amsterdam Dance Event. After years of gathering seekers of light after all the dark raves on our Sunday showcase, we are now expanding our presence at the music conference with an additional show on Saturday.
What can we already share?
✨ Babylon Unplugged – A concert set up with your favourite musicians. Dive deep into their music. Sit, listen and enjoy.
✨ The Temple of Babylon – An extended spiritual program combining spirituality and sounds.
✨ The Market of Curiosities is two days from 12:00 – 22:00.
✨ 36 hours of INSANE music.
And so much more….
Line up:

✨  Saturday Day:
Babylon Unplugged: Feathered Sun
Day Rave (ABC):
Chambord [live]
Jan Blomqvist [live]
Rico Loop [live]
Mona Pirzad
Temple Tears
Vander [hybrid]

✨  Saturday Night (ABC):
Heimlich Knüller
Joep Mencke
Kerala Dust [live]
Madmotormiquel b2b Mimi Love
Mira b2b Chris Schwarzwalder

✨ Sunday Full Session:
Babylon Unplugged: Parallells & Band
10 Mark DJ Team
Budakid [live] or DJ
Chaim & Jenia Tarsol
Damian Lazarus
Deer Jade b2b Elif
Fiona Jane
Kadosh b2b Omri Guetta
Kino Todo
Oliver Koletzki [live]
Rene Opsedee

This will be the one. Do the necessary to join. Tickets are not on sale yet. Due to endless scams on Facebook the first tickets will be sold via our own social media: family.thegardensofbabylon.com
Other info of interest:
✨ There will be food available.
✨ The venue is accessible for people in wheelchairs.
✨ Covid regulations at this point are unclear. But for crying out loud let this pandemic be over by then.
We love you.
We miss you.
We want to see you.
We want to hug you.
We want to kiss you.
We want to love you openly and in person.
The Gardens of Babylon