From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular
26th October – 1st November 2020
By Ceyda Tavukcular

Fullmoon in Taurus\\
Sun opposite Uranus\\
Saturn squares Mercury\\
Mercury and Venus in Libra\\

Change. Suddenly.

It is coming whether you accept it or not. Do not resist it.
Those who do not improve themselves and keep on waiting, and those who do not evolve to the way that is expected from them can suddenly take unexpected new paths on their new inevitable journey which will lead them to their meant to be destination.
The more you resist it, the more challenging it will be. The more you are welcoming the new, the more softer it will be.

Be Flexible.

Be open to all the possibilities. Insisting on the old will not make you happy. Because if life wants you to grow, it will bring it’s lessons all of a sudden. Maybe it would be better for you to change it yourself. Get ready, look at what has to be changed? What makes you sick? What makes you unhappy? Look at your relationships. You want peace. You want compassion. Or more passionate communication. You fell confused instead of feeling safe. If there is something that needs to be changed, make it in an extraordinary way that you have never done before. Give a chance to that little child inside you. Remember those courageous days when you were a kid. Do it in that same way. Without thinking of what people will say. Do it for yourself, but also do it especially for your kids if you have. Be a real example for them. Think about their future. Would you be happy to watch them stuck in an unhappy realtionship? Look deeper into what’s happening in your life. Is it really something suffering or is it trying to show you the magical part of yourself?

It is not just ‘me’. It is ‘us’.

If you feel that ‘us’ alone, know that it is not enough. Show your partner how you love yourself so that he/she might be to learn what selflove means.


The worst decision is better than no decision. It is that void place that makes you move away from your dreams. But decide with your heart. Only your gut is telling you the truth. As if you were a child. Follow that truth like you have done it before. You still have it. Remember how powerful it was. Remember what it tells you.

Accept. Surrender.

There is nothing to do with the reality. Just accept. Be real. Do not fake it. Do not try hard. Just flow. Be in the flow. Then life will bring you the rewards. It never wants to punish us. It brings us the lessons to realize our highest potential. Receive them, you will shine. You’ll shine when you take off your masks.


It’s the fullmoon which always supports us to transform. To let go of everything that does not serve us anymore. So that we can connect with that little child inside us. It is still there. It was us. It is still us, the same.


The importance of emotions. The essence of you.
It’s not the money that makes us feel safe. It’s the lack of love where you put money there instead.
Replace it with the satisfaction. Replace it with the feeling that you belong to;


Love is the only way. Love yourself first and then you will be able to love the others. Love life.

That’s the key. Think free. Feel free. Be free.
You do not have to be like others.

Be unique.

Because you are unique…

By Ceyda Tavukcular
Art by Danica Gim