This week is going to be relaxed, so we can prepare ourselves for the eclipse corridor which starts on 05/06 with the Moon eclipse.
First part of the week can be very productive with the Mars supported by Uranus – it’ll give us power, creativity in our actions and sense of fair mindedness. Try to avoid arguing and keep your brain balanced.
End of the week can make us feel a bit aggressive – everything is because of the conflict between Sun and Mars. Don’t scream at your partner, even if you feel that this person really deserves that. Remember that you’re the only one who’s responsible for the energy vortex that you’re translating to the Universe. Send good vibes and the Universe will bless you in return.
Venus is still in a conflict with Neptune – that makes us fall in love with the wrong people, allergies can be unpredictable during this period. If you feel like you wanna go shopping – better wait a bit. You might be disappointed with your choice in a while.
In the end of the week Mercury is connecting with the karmic knot in the sign of Gemini – stay tuned these days, listen to the people around you – you may receive insights and meet people that will influence your life and will help you to evolve.
Stay calm, and remember that Universe loves you!
Much love,
Elena Gut
Art by Danica Gim