From the Sky to the Earth / Ceyda Tavukçular
14th December 2020 –
New Moon in Sagittarius\\
-with the effect of:
Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius\\
Saturn Jupiter Conjunction in Aquarius\\

There is a big meeting up in the sky these days. It’s more like the end of a period and a beginning of a new age. So the new one is coming with a double conjunction of the Moon and the Sun with Saturn and Jupiter. New moon in sagittarius with a solar eclipse will get things quicker. And the importance of owning our truth still continues since the full moon and lunar eclipse two weeks ago.


We have worked a lot for the last three years as Saturn wants us to take and learn our lessons. Now it is time to harvest what we have planted. Karma is simply saying to us -do not do things that we do not want to come across. But depending on your belief, this lifetime or the past in this life you have treated people the way you do not want to be treated yourself. Sometimes you have done things without integrity. You pulled yourself from life. Sometimes you did not have self respect.. sometimes you did not have self love. It is time to pay off or if we had learned our lessons, now time to get the rewards.


When we let go everything that does not serve us anymore, we can start again without feeling any burdens. New beginnings can take place lightly. Just let it become. You worked a lot. You let go. You paid off. You dreamed. You decided what you really want. Now it is time to move forward. Now you know where to move forward. Do your best to do it consciously. Remember, being conscious means being connected with your heart. You know how to do it. Because you have done it before. Maybe not recently but you did it when you were a child for sure!


It is true. Miracles come true. Most people think a miracle is something impossible. It is not! It is just an ordinary conclusion when we simply do how we feel. If you have not done yet, align your words and actions with your heart. Then watch your own movie which you create every moment. Take a leading role in your own movie, not a walker on. Just believe in yourself more than everybody. You are going to see that you can do it. As you have done it before.


Your trust to yourself will always help you because it comes from a real place. From your essence! It is real. It is there. When you feel afraid, listen! It always says that “I’m here”. Courage is not something that you have to ignore the fear, it is to take a step with fear. Then you will experience flow. Take that step, this new moon will support you for a long time as you have come from a long journey. Just take one step at a time. You have time! Life is not over before you leave the game. You are here to take that step.


The subject is truth. It is so strong this time that never has been this much effective in our lives before. If we escape from the truth, it will find us in an extraordinary form which we might never expect. We need our truth like we never did before.

Great Conjunction.

That time has come. Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. The age is changing. Aquarius will bring us humanity. Inventions. Technology. Manifestations. Freedom. How can you be free with your burdens? Stop resisting. Leave them. Start a new life. Otherwise it would be so hard to adapt to the new era. Cause everybody is changing, everything is changing though. Get ready this week with the effect of the new moon. Then start on 21th December with the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Take a step for what you believe, what you want, what you dreamed for your life. You will be supported by the huge impact of these beautiful planets. Take the advantage of this power.

New Era.

It is a new era. From earth to air. To the sky. To your highest potential. It is time to expand your life from the point that you feel limited.
Why are you still insisting on walking while you can fly?
Just focus and grow.
Then fly high!