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Chris Jeitner

Dancing his shoes off on plenty of The Gardens of Babylon events, Chris was an enthusiast from day one. By a lucky coincidence he found that Shishi advertised the opportunity of building the new website. A chance worthwhile to be taken. After intense talks and a great deal of persuasion, he managed to obtain the project. And the result: decide for yourself.

B eing a web developer with a distinct focus on design and sophisticated aesthetics, Chris founded the web design agency INDIVISUALZ in 2016, focusing on clients based around one of his main passions – food.
After numerous web projects and increasing customer inquiries he decided to hire three of his friends, enabling him to refine his company’s value by extending his service with branding and online marketing.

And this is what characterizes him pretty well, for Chris business is not mainly about making money – It is about passion, about loyalty and about building friendships. Three values that make him a beloved member of  The Gardens of Babylon family.