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Vander – Aspiras EP





The Gardens of Babylon resident Vander joins label family with first solo Ep, Aspiras

Vander and The Gardens of Babylon – two names that go hand in hand with each other. As one of the Amsterdam-based spiritual communities original resident artists, he has seen it grow from beloved local tribe to robust international community, himself integral in this success. Hailing from the white sands of the Dominican Republic yet now calling the Netherlands home, Vander is the very embodiment of worldliness. Both in music and life, his focus on spirituality, romance, and connection has resulted in a beloved fan following and affiliations with some of electronic world music’s most in demand entities. Vander’s uniquely inspired music has been felt on the likes of Klassified, Art Vibes, Pipe & Pochet, Crossings and more, whilst crisscrossing the world, DJing and performing everywhere from Amsterdam to Istanbul, Marrakech to Qatar, as well as at his very own concept Corals: The Underwater Tribe.

Now with the Aspiras Ep Vander delivers a love letter to his musical and spiritual home via its own record label. The Ep’s name and eponymous second track draw inspiration from the Aspiras Foundation, a Dominican Republic based charity aimed at improving the lives of local children through education and football. As a track, Aspiras represents dancefloor readiness via analog synths. Its driving energy through bass and arp yields to a monumental breakdown, each element combined to create the kind of atmosphere experienced at peak time The Gardens of Babylon. Before Aspiras hits, though, Can’t Stop Loving You kicks things off with a dreamy fusion of organic elements, broken beats, and Ámika’s sultry vocals. Both classic and contemporary, it is a track meant to stand the test of time. The Aspiras Ep then ends on another romance-heavy note with The Attraction. This a perfect-for-every-moment track (although, of a particular effect, if that moment involves loved ones) that goes heavy on intimacy and desire. Through chopped vocals and a steady groove, it is a surefire way to set the mood for love, whether on or off the dancefloor.

With the Aspiras Ep, Vander continues his trek through the ranks of the global music scene that started with humble beginnings behind the decks (and desks) of The Gardens of Babylon. Now, a seminal member of its family, he joins the likes of Carlita, Jacob Groening, and Geju as label mates, poised more than ever to continue his lifelong search for experience and knowledge, connecting all the pieces of the human puzzle with sincerity and kindness.


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