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The Gardens of Babylon Poncho – Muan Special Edition


The creators of Muan and The Gardens of Babylon teamed up to design a high-quality cotton poncho, that will keep you fashionably warm. Stand out from the crowd with this unique limited edition garment, as only 100 of these special ponchos were created.




Do you want to add something really special to your wardrobe? Are you looking for a nice gift for your loved one? Search no more, cause we’ve literally got you covered! The designers at Muan master a distinct, unique aesthetic. Completely inspired by the Sumerian Cosmos Vision, The Gardens of Babylon Poncho makes heads turn!

All its stylistic elements are based on ancient Babylonian/Sumerian art. The Cuneiform symbols come from various passages in ancient texts. Accordingly, they relate to the most important historical tellings passed down by Sumerians. For example; Enlil and Enki, The Epic of Gilgamesh (Great flood), Marduk patron of Babylon, and the Goddess Ishtar. Available in a unisex one size fits all, you can wear the Gardens of Babylon poncho open or nonchalantly draped around the shoulder. Moreover, on the inside are two handy pockets to keep your hands warm.


Colour: black with bright blue print and TGOB logo on the back

Material: 80% cotton, 20% acryl

Two pockets inside

Additional information

Weight0.957 kg