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The Gardens of Babylon Face Mask


The latest addition to our shop is the branded The Gardens of Babylon Face Mask, a reusable and comfortable face covering that’s ideal to wear for extended periods of time.


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We currently find ourselves in many situations requiring us to wear masks. So we might as well wear one that looks amazing ánd feels very comfortable too! Even when worn for longer periods of time. Our The Gardens of Babylon face mask comes in an almost black, dark blue color. It also features our beautiful logo in gold on the side. Made from a soft double-layer fabric, it covers the nose and mouth completely to ensure full coverage. You can reuse it as it is washable, preferably by hand wash. The Gardens of Babylon face mask has great resilience and stretchability. The design is unisex, yet available in different sizes to guarantee an optimal fit.

Sustainability disclaimer

Our merchandise is created in collaboration with Stanley/Stella. This high-quality supplier shares our sustainability goals, creating all garments with the highest regard for ethics. This includes ethical treatment of factory workers, sourcing of materials, and their impact on the environment. Read more about Stanley/Stella and all their sustainability certifications on their website.


Material: durable 100% synthetic fabric

Sizes: medium or large

Washable, hand wash recommended

Fold easily into inside pockets when not in use

Additional information

Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions14 × 11 × 1 cm

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