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The Gardens of Babylon Bag


Carry your love for The Gardens of Babylon wherever you go, boasting our extra-large black tote bag with TGOB logo in gold. The extra width and sturdy fabric make this bag ideal for (grocery) shopping, the beach, or carrying your laptop.




Sometimes a regular tote bag is just not enough. Some people love to overpack, schlepping their whole lives with them wherever they go. This extra-large The Gardens of Babylon bag in black with gold logo is especially for all you overpackers out there! Made from very sturdy material, the extra width allows you to carry a lot more than a regular-sized tote bag. It can easily fit your laptop horizontally, or almost a weeks’ worth of groceries. Furthermore, you can use the Gardens of Babylon bag as a beach bag, gym bag, sleep-over bag, or for when you go on a serious shopping spree. As with all other tote bags, there are no inside pockets. But you can use our TGOB pouch bag to keep your small items safe. Also, check our black sweater with gold logo, a perfect match!

Sustainability disclaimer

Our merchandise is created in collaboration with Stanley/Stella. This high-quality supplier shares our sustainability goals, creating all garments with the highest regard for ethics. This includes ethical treatment of factory workers, sourcing of materials, and their impact on the environment. Read more about Stanley/Stella and all their sustainability certifications on their website.


Colour: black with gold TGOB logo

Size: 37 cm high x 49 cm width

Material: 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled polyester

Two shoulder handles of 70 cm

Additional information

Weight0.242 kg
Dimensions19 × 25 × 5 cm