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Wellness Program Week Tickets

Venue: Online
Hello loves,
Join our weekly Wellness Program and dive into a healthy physical and mental lifestyle.
The tickets are online now!
This program is designed for you to connect again with your family members, to create consistency in your week and practice. And to once again connect with the self. A part from the element of connection we use different techniques to nurture body and mind. You are not obliged but able to join the classes that we are offering you.
We have more than 10 weekly classes for you to attend. From high intensity training to the Power of Positivity. From meditation to breath work. From Creating Connection to different yoga classes. Inform your work and family members on the adjusted roster that you would like to attend and commit to these four weeks with discipline and motivation. If you can’t adjust your day to day schedule to enjoy these classes on the given schedule and live, you can watch the recorded options in your own time.
– Astrology and the effects on our being
– Connection sessions with the family
– A Consistent Routine
– Physical Exercise
– Amazing Vinyasa Flow
– Inspiration classes to stay positive
– Guided meditation for balance
– Guided meditation against fear
– Breathwork
– Yoga Nidra
– Mantra Singing
– Sound Healing
And more…
What is important?
1. The program is per week.
2. Tickets are €32,50 per person for four weeks. A ticket gives you unlimited access to the program.
3. You can (re)watch classes (recorded) up to 48 hours later.
4. You are training with other Babylon family members.
5. You will have Connection Classes where you go in depth with the family members.
6. You will receive a link to the Wellness WhatsApp group. For ongoing motivation, updates and connection with your teachers and fellow students.
AR Le Shershaby – Intensemble
Ceyda Tavukcular – Astrology
Deborah Boyd – Samja Yoga
Fouad Sabet – Theta Healing
Katty Heath – Mantra Singing & Soundhealing
Marjolein Vos – Yoga Nidra
Sascha – Spirit of Breath
Shishi Meriwani – Positive Mindset Training
Villia de Konigh – Guided Meditation
After you purchased the tickets you will get a login code for our online classroom at:
Plus you can connect with more family members on WhatsApp!
We have limited tickets available only.
Let’s get through this.
The Gardens of Babylon